Chris’ New Year Resolutions for 2010

Well – my idealism still shows signs of life after all these years because I committed myself to a some new year’s resolutions for 2010…

Save My Fingers!

My first resolution is slightly odd (and a bit gross) but its the one I’m most hopeful for success in (apologies for any dry heaves I cause you). For most of my life (?) I’ve been a finger-nail and general finger biter (don’t laugh! I’m not alone – read here and here). Perhaps it all stemmed from me being a chronic thumb-sucker until an embarrassingly old age (photo right!) – who knows. Whatever the origin/culprit (nerves/etc) it’s a gross habit and often painful as at it’s worst it would have me wearing band aids on a finger every so often because it was so bad. So – my primary new year’s resolution is to simply stop doing it!

My goal is to have (as I like to put it) “Doctor’s Fingers” by the end of the year – for some reason I associate the most perfect/shiny/healthy fingers with a doctor. I told myself my reward (if I succeed in the resolution) would be to get a manicure in December. However – Holly had the good idea that I should get the manicure now instead of at end of the year so my fingers would be in better shape and instead serve as something I could ‘take care of’ vs. simply stopping the habit. So – this past Saturday I walked into a local nail salon and got myself a manicure!

*pause for reaction*

Before you ask – yes it was quite weird, odd, freaky etc – and I don’t see myself going as a regularly scheduled thing – but it was pretty interesting too. The girl who did it (nice Vietnamese girl named Jane) was very nice and did her best to answer my constant questions about all her fascinating tools and lotions (including the little rocks in the water bowl). And of course, I had my usual thoughts about how the whole experience was yet another indication of how Americans are spoiled compared to much of the rest of the world – hopefully the history books will note that I maintained a healthy dose of self-loathing as I enjoyed my $12 manicure.

All weirdness aside though it did serve the purpose Holly mentioned as my finger nails are all trimmed and cuticles/fingers are all repaired as much as possible – so now my goal is much clearer – don’t maul my manicured fingers!  Fortunately for the general public – I wont be taking “before” pictures of my fingers – though I may post some “after” photos at year end if I do have “Doctor’s Fingers” (or close)!

A 365 Project: A Doodle/Sketch a Day

My 2nd new year’s resolution is much easier on the ears/eyes. It’s just a “365: Do-Something-a-Day” project. My main inspiration came from this article (“Design Something a Day”)- but I struggled with what to “do” each day that would be manageable and not too much of a chore since we are taking three hundred and sixty five time I’ll be doing it!  Many photographers do something like this and take a photo a day (usually with a theme of some sort) but since I take so many photos of the family each week, I’d never be able to handle MORE photos (at least right now).

After bugging Holly and Donnie about it a bit I landed on doing a simple 5-10 minute sketch a day (in a sketch book, not the computer). I’m not going to set any theme or content parameters on it this year so each sketch will be different. So far I like it and have made it through the 1st week ok (only forgot once, but quickly did a “make-up” sketch the following morning). I’ll scan them in once a week or so and keep them here for anyone interested:

So far I’m trying to make the sketch based on something that happened that day – but sometimes that’s hard to do. Anyhow – here’s hoping I can keep it up and end up with 365 sketches by year end!

I have some other less formal resolutions – like taking my P90X workouts to the next level when I get some new dumbbells, and getting back into cooking something fun once a week) but the above two things are my main/formal resolutions. Here’s hoping I make it to Dec 31st! Good luck to any of you who have setup your own resolutions!

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