Truly “great” movies

Mp-thelaststation-2010I just finished watching the movie “The Last Station” – and it was one of those movies that was so good I had to watch the entire ending credits.

The movie was a time period piece on the last year(s) of Leo Tolstoy’s life. That may not sound very inviting, but everything about the movie was well done (IMO): the music, the cinematography, the acting etc – so even with a storyline as grim-sounding as this you couldn’t take your eyes off it (at least I couldn’t!)

I wonder if people working on a film like this know they’re creating something special – or if it’s “just another job”.

Anyhow – this movie officially goes down in my list of truly “great” movies – along with “Into the Wild”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “The Edge” etc. Only thing I would have changed would have been to have watched it at the movie theater with Holly (instead of by myself). But kids, schedules, etc make finding “shared” magic movie moments like this near impossible to find these days. 🙁

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