Job Change #4

As some of you know by now, today was my last day at what was my full time job for the past 2 years. I won’t get into details or company names here but suffice it to say that I felt it was time to re-align my career with a job that A.) utilized more of my talents and B.) involved work that I could (at least sometimes) be passionate about. I realize that’s a pretty tall (picky) order to make in the current times we live in (just having a job is hard enough for many people). Honestly that mentality is a large reason why I stayed there for 2 years. I figured I’d shut up and be thankful to have a job, and find a way to make it work over time. Unfortunately that approach didn’t pan out and my family can attest to the fact that cramming that square peg in the circle for 2 years took it’s toll on me/us. For the record – a few of the key things that motivated me to get up and do something about it were the books “Delivering Happiness“, “Rework” and of course my recent finding of Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford address.

Anyhow – this will be the 4th time I’ve “changed” jobs now since my 1st job out of college. I know that’s pretty common these days but I still think it’s weird. I wish life was like it was when my grandfather was working – where you got a job and worked it for 30+ years and then you retired happily ever after (more or less).  I really want to find a job I can stay at for the long haul so I don’t end up moving through 20 jobs with nothing to show for it by the time I retire. Naturally I’m hoping my next job (starting in a week) will be just that.

In any case – with this latest job change I’m setting a new rule for myself which is that I will always try to make sure my job is something I’m proud and passionate about – and that I won’t hesitate to change jobs again if that stops being the case. Easier to say than do of course  – here’s hoping I can stick to it.

PS: Special thanks to my long-time friend/colleague Marc who gave me this parting gift – as well as the developers who gave me a very warm send-off. I plan on staying in touch w/all you guys.

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3 thoughts on “Job Change #4

  1. Chris you are a really good & talented guy. You probaly think things through to much…but clearly that’s better than not thinking them through at all. Two bits of advice from my deceased father come to mind:
    ‘To thine own self be true’

    ‘Trust in God…but brand your calves’


  2. Thanks, Sam – and excellent advice (as always). Yeah I am guilty as charged re: the over-thinking thing. I’ll try to find a balance there.

    Onward it is!

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