Epic Portrait Fail! (365 2011.03.20)

Why the @#$! did I decide to try portraits!” was last week’s theme.

Man I was regretting going down this path on day 2!… but I figured I may as well try to stay outside my comfort zone sometimes – so I stuck with it. Though I’m not sure hiding eyes behind glasses counts as actually trying very hard. Plus I obviously blurred the lines on a few days since I don’t think Mario and Batman count as actual portraits… but whatever! In any case – I hope Marc and Holly aren’t too incredibly offended by my butchery! Just remember I stuck to 30 minutes or less on all of these (including my own which I am horrified by!).

I do want to spend a week practicing eyes, noses, etc since CLEARLY that is one of my weak (epic failure) areas! Here’s hoping next week is easier and more inside my comfort zone!

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