Evacuation III

I wimped out once again and did a week on one painting (vs. one a day) – I guess I just dig this for now. Hopefully I don’t get lynched by some over-zealous 365 project cult who is violently insistent on participants doing one thing per day for one “thing” involving 7-days-of-effort per week.

Anyhow – this is of course another scene from the “Evacuation” series that I just make up as I go. Alien invasion is much more entertaining/non-frightening than global economic collapse and anarchy… so I went with that. I wanted to add some military force in this one but I lacked the time (and skill) to pull that off so for now it’s just one cop against the invading alien horde. Although I suppose it could be Bruce Willis …

Here are the previous two in the series for reference:

  • Evacuation II
  • Evacuation I
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