Introspective: Born Into Different Situations

This painting has been on my iPad for quite some time but in my head much longer. I think the concept deserves a much better artist’s rendering but I wanted to do it irregardless of how much I may or may not loathe the execution.

I don’t think this one needs much explanation. I will say that I think about the vast differences between my life and the lives of men in generations before me quite a lot. There’s not really a word that sums up the mind-boggling amounts of unfairness, misfortune, and despair that so many experienced in the past.
I realize there is plenty of suffering and unfairness in the modern world – as I also realize there are likely much worse historical events that could be depicted here than the three I chose. This painting is just meant to start the thought/converstation – I’ll leave it up to the viewer what other dark periods of our history he/she wants to reflect on.