Wooden Clock: France!

I recently got inspired to add a new clock “skin” to my Wooden Clock iPad app. This time around I wanted the theme to be something about France. Here’s the app store update message:

Another new clock has been added … the “France” clock!

The new France clock was assembled in a quiet village off the River Meuse in 1932 by an old clockmaker who had fought in the Battle of Verdun (http://goo.gl/GwwPmB). Ok … some or all of that may entirely be made up but we can at least pretend, d’accord? Mais oui, bien sûr! Either way I hope everyone likes the new clock!

In preparing for this new skin I did look at a fair number of mantel clocks from France in the early 1900s (see image to left) but I in no way claim that this is authentically French in any way. It, like the Tibet clock, are simply homages to my idealistic notions places that may or may not actually match the places in their current reality.

I was going to make this a “Paris, France” clock but along the way I decided to use “Verdun” instead given my never-ending fascination and awe of the world wars and how mind-boggling the Battle of Verdun (1916) was.

The update with the new France clock went live on the App Store today so users will get it the next time they update. If anyone has ideas or suggestions on new clocks I could add in the future swing by the Facebook page and post it!

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