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Why would a billionaire take an extended leave from his very comfortable life and empire of successful businesses to run for the US presidency? Ego? Rich man’s guilt? Some other conspiracy?  And which of these or other reasons would make it remotely worth his while to go from being a world-renown businessman and celebrity to being thrashed in the news every other week being called idiot, a bigot, a joke … even a Hitler? Is Donald J. Trump too stubborn to quit the race after realizing how brutally he’d get treated by the media, his rivals and even the GOP … or is he truly so passionate about making America great again that he is willing to put his personal finances, ego and reputation on the line to see this through to the end? Will his having earned billions building successful businesses translate to him being successful as the US president or no? Does his lack of sharing specific details on topics indicate he won’t know what to do when elected or simply reinforce what he says in his book, Crippled America

So here’s the way I work: I find the people who are the best in the world at what needs to be done, then I hire them to do it, and then I let them do it . . . but I always watch over them.

As fascinating as all the above questions are to think about … to me none of them really matter.  To me, it seems painfully obvious that our country’s tradition of electing politician after politician into the White House every 4 years has gotten our country nowhere fast. I’m not going to get into specifics on which president of the past two decades were better or worse on topics A, B or C … all that matters, in my  opinion, is 1) where we are now with the national debt, illegal immigration, the economy, terrorism, education, health care, trade, etc … and 2) WHAT are we going to do about all of it?

Donald Trump is far from a perfect man (as am I) and he certainly doesn’t resemble any of the “politicians” we’ve all become used to voting for every fourth November … but these are key factors to why I think he is the man for the job. In my humble opinion he has exactly what this country needs right now – specifically:

  • Insistence on fixing our country first, helping the world second
  • Solid grounding in common sense
  • Zero ties to special interests and Super PACs
  • Experience and expertise of running large-scale, *profitable* businesses
  • Complete disregard for political correctness
  • And most importantly … the heart of a true (and pissed-off) American patriot

While my presidential voting record to-date has pretty much been Republican across the board I do NOT consider a vote for Mr. Trump as being “just another Republican” vote. While he is running with an “R” next to his name he is certainly (thankfully) NOT representative of what the current Republican party has evolved (or eroded) into over the past decade. He is, however, exactly representative of how I myself and many other Americans feel about our country and our government right now so I could care less what letter is next to his name on the voting card! Maybe this is actually what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said:

“I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”

Speaking of the Republican party … I will admit that there are other candidates on the Republican stage right now who I think are great and if we lived in a fantasy world I would combine 3 or 4 of them into a giant Voltron-like robot (keeping Mr. Trump as the head of course). Fortunately Mr. Trump has already indicated that if elected he would definitely consider giving cabinet and other positions to some of his fellow candidates … so my Voltron dream isn’t entirely a lost cause. Anyhow …

If Mr. Trump is fooling us all then I, at MOST, am being as idealistic and naive as everyone in 2008 who fell for Obama’s “Hope and Change” line (go check your insurance premiums to see how well that turned out). However if Mr. Trump is the real deal … as I, like Fox Mulder, want to believe he is … then maybe our country does have one last shot. Maybe America could be great again.

I don’t know if Mr. Trump will get the nomination yet, and have no idea if he’ll beat whoever would be running against him on the Democrat side but I have to say it’s a great feeling to have the true voice of “we the people” finally being heard. Go Trump!

Trump Posters

As to the graphics below … if it wasn’t obvious Mr. Trump has clearly inspired me so I couldn’t help myself from creating some kind of artwork about him. I wanted to make something like a presidential poster because so far I hadn’t seen any good Trump ones yet. Note – this is not my typical illustration style/format so please cut me some slack if these aren’t on-par with the professionals out there!

Main Poster

Other Iterations


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