Trump Oval Office Photoshop

I saw a few photos of Trump in the Oval Office with his team recently (example) and got an itch to spend 2 hours this evening cleaning it up and messing around with it (just for fun). I took the liberty of adding Gavin and Milo in one iteration … just because. Note – I didn’t have the time/patience to get all the merged “faces” perfect so some of them look a bit off … but I like the final product so that’s all that matters :).

Merged/Cleaned up

Combination of few photos for best face/positioning but keeping original scene as is


B&W Version

Fun with Faces

I swapped out most faces to face the camera for fun.

Fun with Faces V2

Same as above but with Milo and Gavin added 🙂

In other news … farewell, General Mike Flynn :(. Don’t worry we all know you were and still are a true American patriot and were taken down by insiders.

Hayao Miyazaki Films


I recently watched the animated film “The Wind Rises” and loved it. I hadn’t watched an “animated film” in quite a while (outside the seemingly lifeless, in comparison, mainstream stuff from Disney, Dreamworks etc) but there was something different and magical about that film.

Spirited-AwayShortly afterwards I discovered that “The Wind Rises” was a creation of the great Japanese animator/director Hayao Miyazaki who also did the movie “Spirited Away” back in 2001 which I meant to watch but never did. I watched Spirited Away over the next couple days and loved that film even more!

This Hayao Miyazaki fellow is quite a guy. He’s an acclaimed illustrator, animator, writer, director and more! I can’t put my finger on what makes these films so fascinating and irresistible to me yet – but one thing that is apparent is that they are so refreshingly original, creative and emotional – 3 things usually lacking in American animated films (outside some from Pixar … OMG why did they make Cars 2 and Planes?!). Miyazaki’s films are also all hand drawn as far as I know – yet they pack a far more powerful punch than most any 3D animated film I’ve ever seen. 

Naturally I am embarrassed that I haven’t seen any of Hayao’s films until now … but needless to say I will be devouring all of his films as quickly as I can now! The only problem is that it takes me a day or three to watch a full movie since my free time is usually so sparse/intermittent! I’ve already started watching Ponyo and am loving that as well …

App Update: PocketSwatch 1.4

Just a quick post to announce that an updated version of my PocketSwatch app is now available in the App Store. The main things in this update are:

  • New (lowered) price of $1.99.
  • Support for the larger iPhone 5 screen! (The app is lightning fast on the 5 and looks great!)
  • Some streamlining for iPhone 4 and older
  • Various bug fixes
  • New blue icon just for fun

Check it out here:


Kana Cards HD: Teaser Icon!

Here’s a teaser graphic for my new upcoming mobile app: KanaCards HD. While I’m really excited about the app the project itself has dragged on for months and months at an excruciatingly slow pace of a couple hours a week at best (!!) … so needless to say I’m flat-out exhausted with it. My hope is that my throwing out this teaser icon will get me the spurt of energy I need to get to the finish line!

PS: A quick Google search of this app name will bring up a fair amount of apps by other people … I’ll explain my logic around non-unique name and rationale for the app in general in my next post.

iPhone 5: Painting 1

After seeing how fast the iPhone 5 is, I couldn’t resist doing a quick painting with Sketchbook mobile today while watching Tangled with Corgan. The iPad still wins out with biggest/best screen to paint on – but the speed and fluidity of painting on the iPhone 5 is definitely a more enjoyable experience.

As always please pardon my sad attempt at human and animal figure drawing!

PocketSwatch Full Version Now Available!

Just a quick FYI – I’m excited to announce that the full version of PocketSwatch is now available on the App Store (official link)!

As I mentioned in the previous post, the full version will cost a few bucks and is only intended for people who will actually use it in the real world – everyone else can try the free version to get the jist. That said, if any of my friends/family want to try the full version, please send me an email and I’ll send you a promo code to get it free.

It’s probably no shock to most of you that I’m already working an updated version with some neat new features so it looks like I won’t be getting a break from this app just yet. I hope to push the new version out ASAP – I’ll post details about that here when it’s ready.

Checking in 2012/03

It’s been a fair amount of time since my last update, painting or rambling here. I do have an excuse though … and I hope to announce it in a week (or less)? I’ve been furiously working away in every spare minute I have (and don’t have) trying to finish up a new personal project. I’d give some details now but I don’t want to jinx things. As fun as it’s been I am so ready to be free of it for a while!

Anyhow – I couldn’t help but laugh (hard) when I got this fortune cookie the other day – it really sums up the last few weeks for me.
Fortune Cookie

I’ll be back soon with news/details!…

iOS Dev Program!

Just a quick post to celebrate my finally getting approved to be in the Apple iOS Developer Program today (iOS = iPad/iPhone). Technically anyone who pays Apple $99 (annually) can get in, but they took over two months to approve my application so I was starting to get worried towards the end there!

I have had access to the Apple Dev program stuff for a while now through work – but in order to (attempt to) achieve my new year’s resolution #2 I needed an account of my own.

As excited as I am I do have to say that I’m very surprised at how painful Apple has made the app “building” process. In order to even get to the point where you’re able to start building stuff you have to wade through hours of teeth-gnashing frustration sorting out developer certificates, App IDs, Device IDs, provision profiles, distribution profiles and more (and then repeat entire process if you want to use a 2nd machine!). I love Apple but seriously!!

In an case… Yaye!