TC 2012

Back in 2011 I thought I would start creating quarterly (?) posts that contained a list of the coolest, most-interesting stuff I’d come across in the past few months as a sort of time capsule reference. But since my last (and only) time capsule post was in 2011 I guess this might turn into a yearly thing! In any case … here is my list of some of my favorite things I discovered and enjoyed in 2011:

Time Capsule 20110905

  1. #fitness#health#adventure
      Doing workouts over my lunch break:
      p90x2This was an awesome suggestion Holly had early in the year and has been a huge boost to my dedication/motivation with fitness. It also freed up more of my evenings to do other stuff!

      Shakeology (link):
      shakeology1-258x300I’m on bag 3 (or 4) of this stuff – which means I’ve been drinking it for my breakfast for 5+ months now. It is no doubt the healthiest meal of my day and aside from the manufacturer fussing a tad w/the flavor I still love it and look forward to it every day.

      Bear Grylls (link):
      bearThis dude is my new hero. Firstly I know there is some controversy about him being a fake, or not hardcore enough – but after watching 4 of the 7 seasons of his “Man vs. Wild” show on the Discovery channel and reading about his climb of Mt. Everest at age 23 I have no doubt at all that he is the real deal and a true stand up guy. And honestly after watching some of the other survival shows, I have to say Bear’s has the best mix of education, adventure and entertainment. Love you, Bear!
  2. #technology#development#code
      Sublime Text 2 (link):
      sublimeI’ve always thought people who geeked out about their favorite code editors were a bit odd … but I now have to join that club because this app truly does make code editing fun and I am super ga-ga over it. Too many cool things about it to mention but here’s a good starting point if you’re curious.

      Chrome DevTools Autosave (link):
      This thing blew my mind. Chrome’s Developer tools are already great out of the box but with this addon/setup things you tinker with can be saved in real-time which, once you get hang of it, can start saving a ton of dev time! Definitely one of top favorite things I found/started using this year.

      Github Gists (link):
      githubI’m still fairly new to Github but I discovered Github “Gists” earlier this year and can now say I have finally found the best (IMHO) place to store, manage, share and discover code snippets. I’ve already got 20 some snippets of my own the integration with Sublime Text 2 is insanely awesome. Oh and it’s free.

      Alfred App (link):
      This is a relatively new thing on my list but so far I really like using it … just another way to use the mouse a bit less which is always good!

      Online/social code editors:
      Sites like jsbin and jsfiddle are super cool and have often come in quite handy! (link):
      I know there are other tools out there like this but in a pinch this site is great for html, js or css optimization/error checking.
  3. #design#art
      Bert Monroy (link):
      bertWhat Bert Monroy can do with Photoshop simply blows my mind… and makes me never want to paint a digital pixel again!

      Emily Winfield (link 1, link 2):
      emilyEmily is also a pretty recent addition to my list but after seeing her paintings and other work I was an instant fan.