Evacuation IV

I actually wanted to do a nice, calm scene of a cathedral this week – basically the same perspective/layout of what I ended up with. But after day one I got sucked into making it a continuation of the Evacuation series … so once again we have space robots in some end of the world scene. The twist to this specific apocalyptic scene is that one of the robots discovers music (piano)… after helping destroy the city of course.

Will next week be Evacuation V or something new? Or maybe 7 separate quick paintings?… Who knows! (Wouldn’t it be ironic if the world ended from an alien robot invasion before next Sunday?!)

365 Sketches: 10/24/2010


Last week’s sketch is from a possible new series (#2) on environmental awareness. I’m no professional activist or anything, and I’m sure my electric bill/ general rate of consumption renders any silly drawings I do pointless (that is until some genius scientist bails us all out)… But as my favorite saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” right?