Southpark Holly: Christmas 2016

A New Southpark Holly Animation!

I usually make Holly some kind of separate Christmas card instead of the illustrated one I send out to my (short) list of friends … mainly because I don’t like her getting the same thing everyone else does.
Anyhow – I normally don’t have a ton of time to make something big for this but this year I started early (month or two ago) and spent (a lot of) time here and there to create not only a card but a new “Southpark Holly” animation to go along with it. At a running time of over 3:00 minutes it’s the longest Southpark Holly animation I’ve done – but it still just feels like a teaser trailer for a movie I wish I had the time to do.
Like in the past I made the animation using “Adobe Flash” (now called “Adobe Animate”). But since “Flash” is mostly dead for most people’s phones, tablets and web browsers I exported it to an HD video. Here it is … enjoy! Tip: Make sure to go fullscreen, click the HD button and turn up your sound before starting it!

Related Images

Here a couple related still images from the animation:

Christmas Card

Video “Logo”

My humble homage to the amazing Studio Ghibli!

Older Southpark Holly “Animations”

The original animations, games etc can be found in “Flash” format here:

For people without flash I’ve converted most of them into video format here:

Christmas Card 2014

The printed cards have finally shipped out so it’s probably safe to share the digital version now. Head over to for more detail about this year’s card, related sketches and artwork and a really cool time-lapse video.

As always – if you usually get a paper version in the mail and haven’t gotten one yet feel free to wait for that before checking out the online version. And to those who didn’t get a paper version please know it’s only because I either forgot, ran out of time/materials or simply don’t like you anymore … but usually not the latter. 🙂

Christmas Card 2013

This year’s Christmas cards shipped out a couple days ago so I guess it’s safe to send out a link to the digital version now.  I changed my mind on where to host them so they’re back at a (slightly updated) standalone website now. Head over to this site for card notes, related artwork and the time lapse video:

As always if you get a paper version feel free to wait for that before checking out the online version – and for those who don’t get a paper version please know it’s only because I either forgot or just ran out of time or materials!

Want a Dribbble Invite for Christmas?

Around this time last year I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to from a kind designer named Dennis. For anyone who isn’t familiar with what Dribbble is it’s is a show and tell community where designers and developers share screenshots of designs and applications they are working on. It is also invite only, and scoring an invitation is extremely competitive.

Anyhow after being a Dribbble member for about a year I’ve now received an invitation that I can giveaway to someone else! So to anyone out there who is interested in being considered just follow these instructions:

  1. Leave a comment below, including your Dribbble prospect profile URL and a brief comment showing your interest.
  2. Email a link to your best work and/or something whipped up just for this giveaway to AT gmail DOT com
  3. Retweet this post.

There are so many super-talented people on Dribbble and I am constantly humbled and honored to share web space with them.

Best of luck to anyone who throws their name into the hat! I’ll leave the giveaway open until mid-January or until there are ~20 requests. Good luck everyone!

Christmas: 2012

Season’s greetings everyone!

Click the card to visit the official card site to see details and sketches for this year’s card!

Christmas Rejects 2011

Before settling on this year’s Christmas card concept I worked on a few paintings that later became rejects. Here they are for anyone interested in seeing what was left on the cutting room floor. These will also be available on the “cards” website when the 2011 card goes online – but I thought I’d document these here as standalone “365 Project” efforts in any case.

Christmas Card 2011 Envelopes

All cards and envelopes have been printed… finally!

As I mentioned earlier, yesterday I came to the gut-wrenching realization that I had printed over 25 cards (at full photo quality) *upside down*!… So they all had to be thrown away! This was very bad for two reasons: 1.) Hardly any stores carry the type of greeting card paper I use anymore (online or local)! and 2.) that first print run had used up all of my new color ink cartridges so I had to buy a whole new set! Fortunately another local OfficeMax happened to have 2 packs of my paper and of course they were glad to take more of my money for new ink cartridges as well.

Anyhow – I realized this morning the reason I’d never had this “upside down” problem before is because until this year I’d never printed the inside of the card in addition to the outside cover. So – there were additional brain cells needed this time around to make sure the inside orientation matched the outside when the card was folded. Man – what a painful way to learn that lesson! But – the silver lining (ish) is that I won’t have to write as many words in each and every card this year since the default writing will be in there already (please no one take that personally!).

All that’s left is for Holly and I to sign the cards and/or stuff it with photos for family members, etc… the end is in sight!

2010 Christmas Card Online!

Just about all the cards have been addressed, stamped and mailed out now so I guess it’s safe to mention that the card website now has this year’s card (with sketches/etc)! I included a time-lapse movie this year too which was kinda neat. I wanted to do actual video footage – not because I think my every brush stroke is genius – just because I personally find footage of of other [more talented] artists interesting so I figured I’d try it.

Anyhow – this should be the last of my Christmas Card spam so – Merry Christmas everyone!