Vector Kitchen Icons

As I mentioned a couple months ago I wanted to play around with some line-art style icons to test my hand w/that sort of thing. Free time has gotten more scarce since then so I’m wrapping this up and posting the other icons I managed to create since the first one. Some funny trivia – the first toaster icon I did didn’t feel right because of the angle or something so I trashed it and made a 2nd one!

Anyhow these aren’t A++ icon quality but I feel good about the end result! Here’s a few different exports of different sizes and color treatments:

Vector Oven

For the past couple years I’ve enjoyed watching many designers create some great artwork and icon libraries using a more line-art and generally minimalist style. Unfortunately I haven’t really had the chance to try making anything like that myself to-date … mainly because my day job doesn’t need it and my (little) artistic free time usually goes to iPad painting. Another thing working against me here is that most of my vector artwork skills have historically been dependent on a somewhat-obsolete illustration application – Adobe Flash Professional –¬†and I’ve never really gotten comfortable with the more traditional, industry-standard one Adobe Illustrator.

Well I finally got fed up and forced myself to make something in this style using Adobe Illustrator to see if I could pull it off. The first thing that came to my mind was an oven icon … maybe because I was hungry at the time? The final product isn’t a mind-blowing work of art and I still have lots to learn but I’m happy with it and am going to try to continue the theme to make a few more icons to hone my Illustrator skills a bit more.

The Quest for Dribbble

I recently stumbled onto … a site sometimes referred to as “Twitter for Designers” but instead of simply broadcasting random chatter like Twitter does, Dribbble is used by designers around the world to post their latest work with other designers – a very cool concept! Unfortunately, the site is somewhat exclusive in that you can’t just register and join – you have to be invited by a member who deems you worthy either by a random invite giveaway, or because you’ve found some other way to stand out from the rest of people wanting an invite.
Anyhow – as soon as I saw some of the artwork on the site I knew I wanted to be a member – not because I think my stuff is as good or better – just because I’d love to share and exchange ideas with such a talented group of designers around the world.

Some invite giveaways simply ask for your name/email and draw your name out of a hat, others require you to submit a small piece of artwork. This graphic here is the first (of many?) graphics I’ve done for such a contest (link here). Graphic was made with Adobe Flash Professional and a dash of Photoshop.

Sure would be nice if I won an invite with this – but some folks wait months/years from what I can tell. Here’s hoping!…