Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Wallpaper

A few days ago I read the announcment that a new Metal Gear Solid game is in development. Naturally I immediately did a Google images search to change my desktop’s wallpaper image. Since there weren’t any great wallpapers available at the time I booted up Photoshop and whipped up a temporary one myself (using the screenshot from the game below). It’s nothing special but feel free to grab if you’re a MGS fan and a desktop wallpaper nerd like me!

Original Screenshot

(For any lurking lawyers/etc… this is a super unnofficial, unlicensed, unapproval fan-based piece of artwork. All rights to Konami, Kojima Productions, etc!)

Mecha Mania – Volume I

Just one painting for this past week… breaking down something like 7 days of ~20 minutes a sitting. I guess this idea came from the fact that Lincoln and I often draw robots when we’re drawing on paper/crayons/markers. I put very little thought into things beforehand (big shock to everyone) so I was just making things up as I went – clearly I have zero grasp of mecha machine engineering/makeup.

Couple related trivia items: 1.) I have long been a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series so I’m sure that was in the back of my mind during this. 2.) I watched Battle of Los Angeles last night and found it eerily similar to this painting’s content (great film btw)!