Fake Landscapes I

This isn’t the first “fake” landscape I’ve done but since I may be doing more of them with procreate on iPad I thought I’d come up with a series title. I’m still getting used to procreate because it’s still not nearly as comfortable for me to use as Sketchbook Pro – but hopefully that will change with time. Again, the best thing about procreate is that is allows the creation of paintings 1920 x 1408 (see this week’s painting at that size here).

Clouds – Volume I

I started the week out w/out a theme but after seeing a couple interesting clouds Monday/Tuesday I decided I’d try my hand at doing some cloud scenes. All these were based on photos I took with my iPhone but I’m not including those here A.) because it makes these posts take twice as long to create and B.) then you all would be able to see how badly I did at recreating each one :). I don’t think I’ve mastered clouds after six 30 minutes attempts – but I definitely had fun w/them and I certainly have more respect for all those oil painting artists who can make life-like clouds – because it is way harder than it looks!

By the way – half of these photos were taking while driving so I’m sure drivers around me were having a good laugh/steering clear as I swerved the road trying to get a clear shot. Also – trivia note for the locals, the last cloud one (below, right) is looking over the highway while driving down Walnut St from Crossroads (Cary, NC).

I did this one Monday night after a long day at work so I hadn’t come up with a theme for the week yet. So this is the odd one of the bunch and doesn’t belong to the theme!

The God of Weather

This week’s 365 project is going great (of course after the lame coffee cups from last week anything is a step up!). Anyhow I got inspired while drinking my 8:30pm decaf tonight to do a second painting today… Just for fun :). And instead of holding it for the usual Sunday update I figured I’d post it by itself now fresh off the “easel”.

As for what it means, I’ll let everyone come up with your own conclusions… But for the record there were thunderstorms here tonight!

365 Project: 2011/01/30 Update

Fish were the subject of last week’s paintings. Ironically, I think the 1st one is my favorite – not very nuts about the rest of the week. The colors on the 1/29 one (shark) are really bad but what can you do – these are 15-20 minute “quickies” (though I think I’m still taking 25-30 right now). Also – my apologies to all experts out there – I am not an expert in the slightest on fish anatomy so I’m sure I broke a whole bunch of laws of science this week.
In any case… I still look forward to these each day and am getting better at accepting when they don’t come out very good since I know that means I’ll have another day of the week to redeem myself (theoretically at least!). Can’t wait to start next week’s theme!…

See the 365 iPhone Painting 2011 gallery here…

Native Son

I’m guessing the title of this wont sound familiar to many people – but it’s an oooold Bryan Adams song about, surprise, the Native American Indian. Since its Thanksgiving time, I thought I’d do a painting around this topic… minus the “pilgrims” of course.

Technical notes: I almost copped out and did this as a night/moon scene – because for some reason “night” scenes are easier for me because the contrast, clouds, etc take less detail somehow. But – going that route made the covered wagons hard to notice and it also gave the “open fields/mountains” the wrong feel – so I stuck it out and stayed with a daylight scene. I also tried giving the Indian a few more trinkets, feathers/etc – but I opted to keep it simple and finish by Thanksgiving than spend a few more days coming up with the right style and amount of his “accessories”.

I think about this topic fairly often. Even if I tend to over-romanticize/simplify what actually happened – due to my atrocious lack of education on the actual details/events –  I am pretty sure it’s worth remembering and reflecting on from time to time. Regardless of how black/white or gray the issues were back then – the bottom line is that an entire race/culture was basically wiped out. It’s impossible to know how you would be had you lived back then vs. now – but being the idealistic guy that I am I hope I would have been more like the Kevin Costner character in Dances with Wolves than one of the many (most) back then who mistreated and/or betrayed this people… I can hope anyway.

Here are the lyrics to the Bryan Adams song if anyone is interested. If you want a gold star click here to listen as you read the lyrics below (it’s a cool song!).


(Bryan Adams)

I’ve seen many moons through these wrinkled eyes
The years have made me old but they’ve made me wise
Now the white man lives where our rivers run

For now better days have passed
We walk the streets of broken glass
Our people vanished as snow before the summer sun

Like dogs we were driven from this place
Such injustice, time will not erase
All these changes cannot be undone

When you feel the anger inside of you
Hold your head high – let your aim be true
Though your heart beats like a drum
My native son

Once there was a time my little one
Before the wagons – before the soldiers’ guns
When this land was ours as far as the eagle flies

No white flag – no broken truce
With few words one can speak the truth – I don’t hear it
Time won’t heal it now

With each new day that comes to pass
Will the great spirit free us all at last?
He said we were the chosen ones

For all we had there’s nothin’ left
We wont forgive – we can’t forget
You know that your day will come
My native son

With each new day that comes to pass
Will the great spirit free us all at last?
What has happened can never be undone

When I was young – not yet a man
The sun rose and set upon our land
We were the chosen ones
My native son.

Dino Lincoln!

Yes I’m once again breaking my “no Dad talk” rule here because this one is based on some new TV show Lincoln’s currently obsessed with (Dino Dan). Anyhow…

This painting went about like the last one (Airports!) in that it took quite a few ‘re-dos’ to get a dinosaur that looked halfway believable and not totally silly looking. Once I got past that (or gave up trying!) the rest of it went great and I had a lot of fun doing this one. For the record I attempted to get Corgan in here but there was something neat about just one person staring at the dinosaur so I resisted – I also tried putting Yoshi behind Lincoln but bailed for similar reasons.

As a side/geek note – I have to say I am still gleefully amazed at how much fun my iPhone is. I can’t describe how fun/neat it is to hold a device in my hand that let’s me paint these things while it, at the same time, plays my music of choice via iTunes/headphones – insane/awesome. The only downside continues to be that I stay up way too late at night because of it!

365 Sketches: 11/14/2010

Some kind of snow fort was last week’s sketch topic. The snow (and Holly) reminded me this week that I need to get moving on my 2010 Christmas card. Holly says I never usually start until after Thanksgiving but I may use the next couple weeks of sketching to come up with the idea/scene.

By the way – if anyone has suggestions for this year’s card please chime in – I’m always open to them (within reason/my abilities of course!). So far the “current ideas” list goes like this:

  • A cutesy Christmas/nature scene (Holly suggestion)
  • Santa floating down the river and Daddy swooping in w/the toy bag on Christmas morning!

365 Sketches: 10/24/2010


Last week’s sketch is from a possible new series (#2) on environmental awareness. I’m no professional activist or anything, and I’m sure my electric bill/ general rate of consumption renders any silly drawings I do pointless (that is until some genius scientist bails us all out)… But as my favorite saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” right?

Bark at the Moon

It’s been a while but here’s a new iPhone painting. Like some before it, I didn’t spend tons of time on it – I think I may have messed with the foreground too much maybe. Either way, it’s another mountain/wildlife scene I wish I was witnessing in real life (vs my imagination!) – but for now that’ll have to suffice.

Mauling Break

Here’s a quicker one than the last few. I’m obsessed with playing through Mass Effect 2 right now so no time to spend hours on a painting!

The original idea was simply a cool patch of morning sunlight I noticed on the side of the road one morning – but it just felt too boring as just a “scene” so naturally I needed to add a bear!

Flurries in the Canadian Rockies

Here’s another of the “3 at once” pack that’s been holding me up. Most people who know me know I would really like to go on a mountain vacation (adventure) so I guess that’s where this idea came from.

This one was going to include a bear (to complete the reproduction of one of my favorite movies of all time [“The Edge”]) – but after a couple attempts I conceded that my “bear anatomy” painting skills were pretty bad I resiged to making this just a still life of nature (going back to my Bob Ross wanna-be roots).

Like with past pieces, I could have spent much more time on this one but to make room for future ideas I’m releasing it to the wild as-is. PS: If you’ve ever seen the movie “Never Cry Wolf” imagine some guy playing an oboe in the background for the full effect.