Robot and Potted Plant

Here’s another sketch-to-iPad painting I finished today. Somehow I lost the pencil sketch so I can’t include that here for reference – just imagine this drawing w/out color pretty much.

This scene was just one of those “drawing at the end of the day” type situations where I’m drawing with the kids and I just start drawing whatever comes to mind – so no deep meaning in this one.

I tried a couple times to get the nerve to drop the black lines and force myself to paint it enough to stand on it’s own w/out lines – but I opted (as usual) to take the fast/easy route to crank this out and move on.

Untitled 20130726

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I haven’t done any iPad painting in quite some time … and wondering if I’ve forgotten how to do it! This painting doesn’t disprove the latter but it at least checks off that I’ve done a painting recently. As I’ve mentioned with previous “dark scenery” paintings, it is much easier and faster to create a scene with low light because you leave the work to people’s imaginations – rather than having to paint everything in detail – but even though I did take that route again I still had fun with it!

For extra credit – who can guess who suggested to make the robot a girl and put a ribbon on her head? 🙂

Evacuation II

I was starting to wonder if I would actually ever do a part II of any of the “series” I’ve started so far. Here’s one down!

This started out a landscape with no known destination point – so naturally around the 3rd day I decided a giant looming robot was the way to go.

I’ve really got to start doing one-per-day again … I miss having a crop at the end of the week – but I have to say the one-per-week thing is definitely easier (not to mention self gratifying since I can put in way more detail).

Mecha Mania – Volume I

Just one painting for this past week… breaking down something like 7 days of ~20 minutes a sitting. I guess this idea came from the fact that Lincoln and I often draw robots when we’re drawing on paper/crayons/markers. I put very little thought into things beforehand (big shock to everyone) so I was just making things up as I went – clearly I have zero grasp of mecha machine engineering/makeup.

Couple related trivia items: 1.) I have long been a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series so I’m sure that was in the back of my mind during this. 2.) I watched Battle of Los Angeles last night and found it eerily similar to this painting’s content (great film btw)!