Odd Scenes of Animals II

The end of the year isn’t letting up with things to do but now that the Christmas card is out of the way I’m back to trying to stick to one (or a few) paintings a week. Here’s this past week’s effort – no idea what’s going on here… the snake was Linc’s idea and the beaver was thrown in for fun 🙂

Evacuation V

There was no doubt riots and mass chaos across the nation last week when I didn’t post a weekly painting on Sunday. My apologies for any trauma any of you suffered from that. That week was just a bad combination of “no ideas” and being too busy. I did spend time painting each day but I had to toss one because it was so bad and the 2nd one wasn’t near ready on Sunday. Anyhow – here’s the latest one – yet another in the “Evacuation” series. There are some areas that need more detail but I’ve spent long enough on this guy so I’m setting him free. I hope ideas are easier to come by this week!

Here’s the full set of Evacuation so far:

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157627577324357″]

Evacuation IV

I actually wanted to do a nice, calm scene of a cathedral this week – basically the same perspective/layout of what I ended up with. But after day one I got sucked into making it a continuation of the Evacuation series … so once again we have space robots in some end of the world scene. The twist to this specific apocalyptic scene is that one of the robots discovers music (piano)… after helping destroy the city of course.

Will next week be Evacuation V or something new? Or maybe 7 separate quick paintings?… Who knows! (Wouldn’t it be ironic if the world ended from an alien robot invasion before next Sunday?!)

ZOMG ROBOTS! (365 2011.03.13)

Last week’s theme: “ZOMG ROBOTS!“.

I definitely had fun doing these guys – plus I don’t think I broke an hour on any of these – so that’s progress on the duration front too. Naturally I wish I could have spent much more time on each one – they all deserved better backgrounds and light bulbs but alas… the clock ticketh. BTW – I know none of these are in the same arena as Pixar’s WALL•E – but if anyone at Pixar wants to chat let me know 🙂 (hey – a guy can dream right?).

365 Sketches: 09/26/2010

I figured I’d start posting my weekly sketches (from 2010: Sketches (365)) here to try to remind myself I’m at least attempting to exercise creative side of my brain at least [x]% a week. This is my first 365 project and somehow so far I haven’t missed a day yet (give/take a couple nights it slipped my mind and I had to make-up the next day).

As all 2 of you following these already know – I’ve started to pick a theme and use each day of the week to fill it out – versus coming up with something new every day. That’s possibly the lazier approach but so far I usually like the theme pages better. Anyhow – here is last week’s entry.