Owls and Pals

Here’s a new iPad painting I’ve been kicking around a while that I’m finally calling done so I can move on. As with the last one, I started this one from a sketch I did while drawing w/the kids.

I had fun with this one but it definitely reminded me how hard it is to make realistic water – let alone with reflections, shadow and stuff! But I gave it my best shot.

Original Sketch

365 Sketches: 11/14/2010

Some kind of snow fort was last week’s sketch topic. The snow (and Holly) reminded me this week that I need to get moving on my 2010 Christmas card. Holly says I never usually start until after Thanksgiving but I may use the next couple weeks of sketching to come up with the idea/scene.

By the way – if anyone has suggestions for this year’s card please chime in – I’m always open to them (within reason/my abilities of course!). So far the “current ideas” list goes like this:

  • A cutesy Christmas/nature scene (Holly suggestion)
  • Santa floating down the river and Daddy swooping in w/the toy bag on Christmas morning!

365 Sketches: 11/09/2010

A shelf of books was last week’s topic – once again no idea where that came from as I’m sadly not a huge book worm. I wish I was and I have aspirations of being one, but I don’t think reading random/spurts of chapters in PDF technology/training eBooks counts 🙁 ! By the way – the dude on the left side looks nothing like the book-end I intended him to be so you’ll have to use your imagination there.

365 Sketches: 10/24/2010


Last week’s sketch is from a possible new series (#2) on environmental awareness. I’m no professional activist or anything, and I’m sure my electric bill/ general rate of consumption renders any silly drawings I do pointless (that is until some genius scientist bails us all out)… But as my favorite saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” right?

365 Sketches: 09/26/2010

I figured I’d start posting my weekly sketches (from 2010: Sketches (365)) here to try to remind myself I’m at least attempting to exercise creative side of my brain at least [x]% a week. This is my first 365 project and somehow so far I haven’t missed a day yet (give/take a couple nights it slipped my mind and I had to make-up the next day).

As all 2 of you following these already know – I’ve started to pick a theme and use each day of the week to fill it out – versus coming up with something new every day. That’s possibly the lazier approach but so far I usually like the theme pages better. Anyhow – here is last week’s entry.