Space Adventures I

Just one painting this week – I needed something easier this week. 🙂 Lincoln picked the initial topic (spaceship) – but not sure he was expecting the addition of the octopus aliens. I tried a few times to get bubbling/wavy water but never came up with something I liked so it’s a bit weak on the accuracy of the physics – but you get the jist!

This seems like a worthy topic for another series so this will be the kick off for “Space Adventures” (i.e. weird scenes I make up that are set in space).

Evacuation IV

I actually wanted to do a nice, calm scene of a cathedral this week – basically the same perspective/layout of what I ended up with. But after day one I got sucked into making it a continuation of the Evacuation series … so once again we have space robots in some end of the world scene. The twist to this specific apocalyptic scene is that one of the robots discovers music (piano)… after helping destroy the city of course.

Will next week be Evacuation V or something new? Or maybe 7 separate quick paintings?… Who knows! (Wouldn’t it be ironic if the world ended from an alien robot invasion before next Sunday?!)

Mecha Mania – Volume I

Just one painting for this past week… breaking down something like 7 days of ~20 minutes a sitting. I guess this idea came from the fact that Lincoln and I often draw robots when we’re drawing on paper/crayons/markers. I put very little thought into things beforehand (big shock to everyone) so I was just making things up as I went – clearly I have zero grasp of mecha machine engineering/makeup.

Couple related trivia items: 1.) I have long been a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series so I’m sure that was in the back of my mind during this. 2.) I watched Battle of Los Angeles last night and found it eerily similar to this painting’s content (great film btw)!

Star Wars – Volume I

I was fairly depressed about how last week’s theme came out (coffee cups) – but fortunately this week went much better. I did these all from memory so if you’re a huge Star Wars fanatic my apologies for anything I didn’t get just right!

I’m sure I thought of the topic because Lincoln is very into Lego Star Wars right now. Initially I was planning on just doing space scenes but A.) that felt a bit redundant since I already did a week of spaceships, and B.) it didn’t seem challenging enough since you can hide a lot with a mostly black canvas. I’ll admit a couple of them took some extra time but I think most were under an hour(ish).

I put a “Volume I” on this because there’s plenty of stuff I could do for future weeks…and since I had so much fun with the topic.

Outer Space!

Continuing the trend of painting things I have no skill or knowledge in… this past week’s theme was “Outer Space!”. Some of these actually were done in under 20 minutes so that’s good – but of course I really don’t like them because they’re so simple (boring)! But – either way, another week down – on to next week now! BTW – I take suggestions (sometimes) so if someone has a good idea on a topic for a week please chime in. PS: No one ever show Lincoln or Corgan the one of the asteroid hitting Earth!