Moonlight Window Flower

You know I think I have some weird obsession with the moon. If you go to the main page of my blog right now 4 of the pictures there have a giant, full moon in them. Weird.

Anyhow … a few weeks ago I got the urge to paint a window scene of some kind. Here’s the final result after kicking it around for a few minutes every couple days. 

The most fun I had with this was doing the curtains and the wallpaper. Neither of them are amazing or anything but something about making them was fun and a bit outside my usual techniques. The thing I feel most bad about is the small picture frame to the right center. I wish I could have found a way to shine more light over there because that little picture was fun … but since it’s so dark over there you really can’t see/appreciate it. I also I really wanted to introduce some kind of animal or character in there but I think it would have been too crowded so I resisted … maybe next time.  As usual I used Procreate on the iPad to make this. 

Until next time! … 

The Ice Cream Man

Sometimes Corgan and I will sit down with an iPad in each of our laps and she will decide what we paint (she loves to be in charge). So we’ll paint for a while and maybe pick it up in a day or so (together or on our own) to finish. Anyhow a few weeks ago we had another one of these sessions and this time she decided we would draw an ice cream man on a bridge in a city … so that was where this one originated. Since I took this one farther than I normally do I figured I’d post it … because who doesn’t like the ice cream man, right?

Here’s Corgan’s final version btw 🙂

Underwater Adventures I

This took me 2 weeks to put together – but a large reason for the long time investment is just the fact that it’s getting harder to sneak in that 15-30 minutes a night. I hope to keep things to 1 week max though.
I think I’ve done an underwater scene or two already (one, two) so I figured I should start a series for it. I used a giant squid in the “Space Adventures” series as well … no doubt due to my fascination with those creatures – every few months I spend an hour or so on YouTube watching videos of research on the hunt for the “giant squid“. This is the first real painting from that new iPad app I started playing with a few weeks ago (procreate) – so the full size is a whopping 1920×1408. My last painting was done with the same app but for some reason I don’t feel like my landscapes are “real” paintings.

Mouse Balloon Ride in Italy

I’m not an expert in Italy, mice or hot air balloons but that didn’t stop me from spending 7 days on a scene covering all three! The first two days of this was pure line drawing – and it wasn’t until ~Thursday where I got the guts to delete the lines and rely strictly on colors to define the scene. I should have saved the lines for reference but sadly I didn’t. This piece also was a painful reminder that I suck at realistic rock and water – so I’ll try to work on that in the future.

It’s nowhere near what I’d like it to be – this past week was pretty hard to get a good solid chunk of time in each day – but as usual I’m calling it done and moving on to something new tomorrow. It was fun doing though and the kids had a good laugh when they peeked at it during the week.

Scenes of Boats (365 2011.03.06)

“Scenes of Boats” I guess would be this past week’s theme – the topic idea contributed, once again, by Donnie :). For the record some of these were actually done in ~20 minutes because my week was so hectic/busy! Also – one other note, I semi-cheated on the one from 03/03. I took ~6 colors from an actual sunrise photo I’d taken earlier in the week to avoid having to fish out the colors myself from scratch… I’m a lazy loser – I know!