Christmas Rejects 2011

Before settling on this year’s Christmas card concept I worked on a few paintings that later became rejects. Here they are for anyone interested in seeing what was left on the cutting room floor. These will also be available on the “cards” website when the 2011 card goes online – but I thought I’d document these here as standalone “365 Project” efforts in any case.

Polar Bears and Penguins I

Ok so I’ve done a dozen or so paintings with polar bears and penguins but I’m calling this the 1st in the series … mainly because the alternative is to come up with a name for what’s happening in this scene – and I have no idea what that would be! This painting took me a couple weeks (again) – once again due to being pretty busy w/work and family stuff – but also because I’m still getting the hang of painting w/this “new” app (procreate). Also, my main gripe about this one is that it came out way too pastel once it left the iPad – it was not so saturated on the iPad itself – but whateva.

FYI – I think I will soon hunker down and start using my daily painting time to begin working on this year’s Christmas card – so if  I don’t post for a while that may be why.

Winter Scenes I (365 2011.02.20)

This week’s theme was brought to you by Donnie – who suggested I do some winter-related scenes – he even suggested the bigfoot one – though he may have been kidding on that part (?). Just like the past few weeks – some of these I love, and some I hate – so I guess they even out. I took far too much time w/the bigfoot one – the worst part is I think it needs hours more work – ah well.

Thanks to the wonders of technology I was able to meet my weekly quota of paintings even while out and about this weekend with Holly – she would read her Kindle while I furiously painted and mumbled to myself about how long it was taking. Anyhow – see everyone next week!

365 Sketches: 11/14/2010

Some kind of snow fort was last week’s sketch topic. The snow (and Holly) reminded me this week that I need to get moving on my 2010 Christmas card. Holly says I never usually start until after Thanksgiving but I may use the next couple weeks of sketching to come up with the idea/scene.

By the way – if anyone has suggestions for this year’s card please chime in – I’m always open to them (within reason/my abilities of course!). So far the “current ideas” list goes like this:

  • A cutesy Christmas/nature scene (Holly suggestion)
  • Santa floating down the river and Daddy swooping in w/the toy bag on Christmas morning!

Flurries in the Canadian Rockies

Here’s another of the “3 at once” pack that’s been holding me up. Most people who know me know I would really like to go on a mountain vacation (adventure) so I guess that’s where this idea came from.

This one was going to include a bear (to complete the reproduction of one of my favorite movies of all time [“The Edge”]) – but after a couple attempts I conceded that my “bear anatomy” painting skills were pretty bad I resiged to making this just a still life of nature (going back to my Bob Ross wanna-be roots).

Like with past pieces, I could have spent much more time on this one but to make room for future ideas I’m releasing it to the wild as-is. PS: If you’ve ever seen the movie “Never Cry Wolf” imagine some guy playing an oboe in the background for the full effect.