Christmas Cards are ready to ship! (1:49AM!)

All ready to ship out!... more or less.

All ready to ship out!... more or less.

Well – after a few hours of battle between Office 2007 and my printer, I finally this year’s Christmas card envelopes to all print out! So it’s late and I will be cranky tommorw but it feels good to finally have all the cards packaged up and ready to mail!

For a special treat, I’m going to reveal the core sketch here in the blog. I don’t think it spoils much because the actual card is obviously quite different than the sketch – so this will serve as an appetizer of sorts! Plus, I don’t think many people go visit the where I do the behind the scenes stuff so I’m trying it out here. If you want my commentary, shout-outs, etc you’ll have to wait for the site to get updated (after Christmas!). Anyhow – here’s the sketch!

2008 Christmas Card Sketch

Ok.. now to grab my 3 hours of sleep!… eek!

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