A Blue Bird

Here’s another quickie one – just a couple hours spent. I have no idea where the concept came from – just felt like painting a blue bird. But for the record, when I did this I was having some weird ‘dizzy’ spell where I’d get dizzy if I walked around or closed my eyes, so I was in kinda a weird state of mind when working on this. I suppose if I was aiming for witty I’d try to make this some joke about the Twitter bird and an iPhone app – but for fear of over-complicating it I decided to just keep it simple.

Technical note – this was one of those rare situations where the colors looked great on my iPhone but looked horrible when viewed on a PC – so I had to Photoshop the colors a bit before uploading.

Still Life: Lake Michigan

Here’s yet another still life – this time it’s a view from the street in Sheboygan WI looking out at Lake Michigan. The original photo had some people in the shot but I thought it was nicer without including them. By the way, I certainly don’t think these are masterful works of art but I really enjoy making them!

Truly “great” movies

Mp-thelaststation-2010I just finished watching the movie “The Last Station” – and it was one of those movies that was so good I had to watch the entire ending credits.

The movie was a time period piece on the last year(s) of Leo Tolstoy’s life. That may not sound very inviting, but everything about the movie was well done (IMO): the music, the cinematography, the acting etc – so even with a storyline as grim-sounding as this you couldn’t take your eyes off it (at least I couldn’t!)

I wonder if people working on a film like this know they’re creating something special – or if it’s “just another job”.

Anyhow – this movie officially goes down in my list of truly “great” movies – along with “Into the Wild”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “The Edge” etc. Only thing I would have changed would have been to have watched it at the movie theater with Holly (instead of by myself). But kids, schedules, etc make finding “shared” magic movie moments like this near impossible to find these days. 🙁

Still Life #2: “Sunlit Stairway”

Sbpro20100721Here’s my second attempt at some kind of still life. This was more like “speed still life” though because I did it in 45 minutes or so – my logic being to not overdue the detail and hopefully capture the feeling of the actual scene (see photo).

I wish I could have done better with the carpet texture but otherwise I like the final result.

Alfred gets Bruce an iPhone

Sbpro20100718Here’s another quick one – throw back to the old days when I used to draw Batman all the time… Before there was email let alone iPhones and iPods!  I didn’t have easy way to add captions on the iPhone but here are some possible caption options:

  1. > iPhone: “Will you accept a facetime call from [The Joker]?” <
  2. Sending the bat signal via text message just doesn’t have the same effect
  3. “Alfred, have you played ‘Doodle Jump’? It’s so awesome!”

Chris on Don's ComputerFor nostalgia’s sake here’s an ooold photo from the original Batman days – on Donnie’s high school PC via Windows Paintbrush/16 colors!

Bathroom Window

Here’s my first attempt at a pseudo still-life. I don’t know why but I really love how the afternoon sunlight comes through the master bath’s skylight.

I kept trying too add stuff to this (iPhone on floor, plant on window ledge) but since none of that was in the original scene it just didn’t feel like it fit. So this one definitely feels more simple/basic than the previous ones – but it did take much less time so that was nice!

Brushes #1

Brsh20100714Here’s my first attempt using an app called “Brushes“. This was one of those things where you don’t plan anything and just paint whatever comes to mind. I definitely had fun w/it – though I’m not yet sure which painting app I like most yet. As usual I could have spent more time evolving/ polishing it but I thought I’d just stop now and try something new tomorrow.

iPhone 4 Day 2!

SBPro20100709.1Well I’ve had the iPhone for two days now and I’m amazed at how fast I’ve fallen in love with it – and I know I’ve only scratched the surface too. It’s truly amazing device and I’m so glad my purgatory time with Windows Mobile is over! Maybe I’ll come back and talk more about it but for now – here’s my 1st painting on it using Sketchbook Pro.

From Hogs to Blogs

When I was a kid my Dad had a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I can’t remember how often he rode it but when he wasn’t carting me or one of my brothers around in the back seat I bet it was probably a pretty cool way to disconnect, relax and recharge himself from the day job and the general “challenges” of fatherhood.

Sadly I don’t have a motorcycle or anything half as cool so my options for ‘recharging’ are much more limited at the moment. So until I come up with something more manly/non-electronic I’ll use this blog as my space to disconnect every so often and remind myself that I am more than just a Dad and that “I am not my job“… even if both roles do take up 98% of my time!
Don’t get me wrong – I love my kids to pieces (work – not so much) – I’m just trying to be proactive to maintain fractions of my individuality while still being as good a Dad as possible… if that makes any sense.

So – I’ll post random thoughts/notes here from time to time – swing by every so often to see if I have anything interesting (or not) to say. As always – all family-related stuff will continue to be posted on our family blog…