Super Mario gets an iPhone

Continuing the trend of having an unpredictable/ odd selection of subject matter, here’s a new one – this time using the beloved Super Mario franchise I grew up with.
It’s pretty crazy that I still play Mario games even today considering I played my first one (Super Mario Bros [NES]) way back in the early 90s. I’m sure I over glamourize things like this but I often wonder what it would be like to be on a team producing/ developing a Mario game – I wonder what it feels like to be part of creating something with such a high bar of quality, creativity and ambition.

God: Untitled 01

It’s highly probable that the past 3 iPhone paintings I’ve done are the final evidence that I’m a crazy person given the contents of each covers vastly different topics (a fly battle, a winter scene and now this?). If nothing else, clearly I have some form of adult A.D.D?
In any case, this one took the longest of the three – probably just because I fussed with it the most. Towards the end I actually added a silhouette of a guy standing in the center of the picture looking up – but while that did give it an interesting (different) feel, it detracted from the “scenic” quality of the original idea so I took it out.
I could ramble for a while about my personal thoughts on this scene… it’s affect on me as a child growing up, as a Dad now myself, etc – but I’d rather let people come to their own conclusions.
Note: I recently came across the following article that relates to this topic: – warning though, it’s not exactly light reading!

Flurries in the Canadian Rockies

Here’s another of the “3 at once” pack that’s been holding me up. Most people who know me know I would really like to go on a mountain vacation (adventure) so I guess that’s where this idea came from.

This one was going to include a bear (to complete the reproduction of one of my favorite movies of all time [“The Edge”]) – but after a couple attempts I conceded that my “bear anatomy” painting skills were pretty bad I resiged to making this just a still life of nature (going back to my Bob Ross wanna-be roots).

Like with past pieces, I could have spent much more time on this one but to make room for future ideas I’m releasing it to the wild as-is. PS: If you’ve ever seen the movie “Never Cry Wolf” imagine some guy playing an oboe in the background for the full effect.

Night of a dozen bugs

Here’s one of the three pieces I’ve been working on. I have no idea where the bug thing came from – the idea started out just some neat woodsy night scene. But when I’d fleshed out most of the woods it felt pretty muted/ dull… So I figured why not add some color – and here’s where things ended up!
Little trivia – I did about 70% of this one while waiting in line for an hour and a half at the DMV to renew my 4 month overdue expired license!

3 > 1

Just in case anyone was thinking my love for iPhone painting has already started to fade – I am working on a new one! In fact, the reason its taken so long to get a new one done is because I’ve actually been working on *3* instead of just 1. As soon as I really got into the 1st one, I thought of another idea, and then it happened again… so here I am.

I’m not sure which will be done first, but one should be done soon – I know, the world is on the edge of it’s seat. Stay tuned and try to hold on.