365 Sketches: 09/26/2010

I figured I’d start posting my weekly sketches (from 2010: Sketches (365)) here to try to remind myself I’m at least attempting to exercise creative side of my brain at least [x]% a week. This is my first 365 project and somehow so far I haven’t missed a day yet (give/take a couple nights it slipped my mind and I had to make-up the next day).

As all 2 of you following these already know – I’ve started to pick a theme and use each day of the week to fill it out – versus coming up with something new every day. That’s possibly the lazier approach but so far I usually like the theme pages better. Anyhow – here is last week’s entry.

Mauling Break

Here’s a quicker one than the last few. I’m obsessed with playing through Mass Effect 2 right now so no time to spend hours on a painting!

The original idea was simply a cool patch of morning sunlight I noticed on the side of the road one morning – but it just felt too boring as just a “scene” so naturally I needed to add a bear!