365 Sketches: 10/24/2010


Last week’s sketch is from a possible new series (#2) on environmental awareness. I’m no professional activist or anything, and I’m sure my electric bill/ general rate of consumption renders any silly drawings I do pointless (that is until some genius scientist bails us all out)… But as my favorite saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” right?

Red lights at night

I normally head in to work around 5:20 am – by choice even. Anyhow, the other morning on my way to work it was a bit foggy out and I noticed a couple red lights and thought the way they lit up the night sky was pretty cool looking. So – I thought I’d try to capture the scene in an iPhone painting!
For the record, the red glow was much bigger in real life but for some reason it looked weird on the iPhone so I had to shrink the glow a bit – but I still think it catered the mood though.

By the way – it’s purely coincidental but any Pixar fans out there might recall a scene from “Cars” that looked sort of like this – when Lightning McQueen gets separated from his 18 wheeler buddy – but I didn’t notice that until after I finished!

Bark at the Moon

It’s been a while but here’s a new iPhone painting. Like some before it, I didn’t spend tons of time on it – I think I may have messed with the foreground too much maybe. Either way, it’s another mountain/wildlife scene I wish I was witnessing in real life (vs my imagination!) – but for now that’ll have to suffice.