365 Project: 2011/01/30 Update

Fish were the subject of last week’s paintings. Ironically, I think the 1st one is my favorite – not very nuts about the rest of the week. The colors on the 1/29 one (shark) are really bad but what can you do – these are 15-20 minute “quickies” (though I think I’m still taking 25-30 right now). Also – my apologies to all experts out there – I am not an expert in the slightest on fish anatomy so I’m sure I broke a whole bunch of laws of science this week.
In any case… I still look forward to these each day and am getting better at accepting when they don’t come out very good since I know that means I’ll have another day of the week to redeem myself (theoretically at least!). Can’t wait to start next week’s theme!…

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Jobs on Jobs

I posted this on Facebook a week or so ago but since I’m guessing most people likely didn’t have time to watch it I thought I’d write out my favorite quote from the speech here:

“For the past 33 years i’ve looked in the mirror and asked myself, if today was the last day of my life would I want to do what I’m about to do today – and whenever the answer has been no for too many days in a row I know I have to change something.

…and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work – and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

…You’ve got to find what you love. If you haven’t found it yet keep looking – and don’t settle.”

Easy words for a billionaire… I know. For most folks, myself included, running your life by these kind of idealistic terms is too risky. But once in a while moments come when it is possible.

365 Project: 2011/01/23 Update

Sbp365_20110123 Sbp365_20110122 Sbp365_20110121

Sbp365_20110120I suppose last week’s theme was “start with a black screen and come up with anything you can think of“. I also was able to do my make-up day for missing the 7th. While I am having fun doing these I am starting to worry that I may never do any more 2-5 hours ones anymore – although I am thinking that I may pick one or two that seem interesting and spend more time on them in the future… we’ll see! Now to think of what this coming week’s theme should be…

Sbp365_20110119 Sbp365_20110118 Sbp365_20110117

Make Up Day! (2011/01/07)!

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365 Project: 2011/01/16 Update

1/10 1/11 1/12

1/13This past week, as you can see, became a theme about various scenes of leaves or other plant/insect life. Obviously Day 1 was just a random painting so he doesn’t count. A couple of these are pretty painful for me to look at, but I especially like the 1/13 and 1/15 ones. As with last week, none of these were done in 10 minutes. I think they all went at least 20 minutes each. So far I’m not seeing how that will change but we’ll see I guess. It’s still a mystery to me why the color palettes are often different on my PC screen than my iPhone – all this week’s are much darker on PC than iPhone – hopefully I’ll figure out how to resolve that soon.

It also appears I missed a day already (1/7?) – so I may have to do a make-up day. I could be lazy and just use one of the 3 iPad paintings I did this past weekend but I will not!

Tech trivia: I discovered this week that the Flickr app for iPhone is EVIL. I of course love Flickr itself, but after testing a few things I figured out that the reason some of my previous painting uploads looked so dithered (crappy) was because the Flickr iPhone app’s UPLOAD process actually *downgrades/screws-up* the photo’s color depth! However, if you simply email a photo from your iPhone to Flickr, the color depth remains in tact! This is sad because I used to love the Flickr app – but for now I’ll have to work around that because I’m definitely a “give me the correct color depth or give me death” kind of guy!

1/15 1/14 1/16

See the 365 iPhone Painting 2011 gallery here…

12 Hours with an iPad and “Inspire Pro”

I got to spend some time with a friend’s iPad over the past 12 hours and it was pretty neat. My main reason for asking for the loaner time was to find out if it felt any more or less compatible with my ongoing adventures of painting on the iPhone.

The recent event that re-sparked my curiosity on this topic was the discovery of an app for the iPhone/iPad named “Inspire“. I normally do all my painting on the Sketchbook Mobile app by Autodesk – but this new painting app caught my attention because of the following very unique features:

  • Paint Blending!
    The app includes functionality that allows paint colors to interact with the surrounding colors – allowing real-time blending and smearing! This creates the most realistic “painting” experience I’ve seen yet on iPhone/iPad.
  • A “Dry Brush” mode
    This mode is where no paint is on the “brush” (your finger) and you can simply blend/smear colors all you want
  • A “high res” Export option?!
    I haven’t gotten a chance to do a print-out to test this, but apparently there is some kind of high resolution export available when using this app by sending some file to your Mac/PC and “exporting” a higher quality version of your painting. If this works as it claimes this could mean next year’s Christmas card might be done on an iPad!

As with all good things, there are two fairly painful downsides to this app as well:

  • No layers!
    Not having layers means you have to think about what you should paint first, then what to paint on top of that, then on top of that etc. This makes things a bit tricky and sometimes limiting – but I’m sure I’ll adapt to it over time
  • No Airbrush!
    Most other apps have an airbrush (or equivalent) brush type – this app does not. Obviously Bob Ross  would never complain about this – but my personal painting style needs it!

If this app would simply add layers and an airbrush it would be the BEST painting app around! However the “high res” export feature alone sets it head and shoulders above all the other paint apps out right now. The iPad version costs a “whopping” $8 but its worth every penny!

As much as I loved having a huge (iPad) painting canvas to play with for the past 12 hours (instead of my tiny iPhone) I sadly realized fairly quickly that the iPad was much heavier than I thought it was – and my wrist because very tired/sore pretty quickly. I know there are a bunch of lap/table stands and props you can buy for it but I need to hold the “canvas” in my hand.

The iPad 2 is coming out ~April this year so I will be hoping that among the other features they add it will also be less heavy! If it isn’t I’ll figure out what to do then – but I do know that I need to move to something bigger than my iPhone eventually – as much as I enjoy painting on my iPhone, I’m definitely ready to upgrade to a bigger screen. Until then, here are likely my last iPad paintings until April/May (disclaimer – please note I only spent 30 mins or so on each of these!):

[miniflickr photoset_id=72157625826224024&sortby=date-taken-asc&per_page=50]

iPhone365: Painting a Day (?)

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157625724352098″]

2011/01/10 Update

Well I survived week one – I now have 8 “daily” paintings under my belt. I’m definitely enjoying it more than the pencil/paper project due to the speed of the process (i.e. there is no instant “UNDO” command with a pencil!) – plus it also means more time enjoying my iPhone :). Of course, as I feared, it is quite difficult to keep them to 5-10 minutes each – right now I’m clocking in ~20 minutes per. Hopefully I’ll soon get smarter/faster w/them and train myself to “let go” of them by the 10 minute mark so I don’t risk burning out. 

I already have a few “theme” ideas I’m thinking about (a week of paintings that comprise a 360+ view of [x] scene, a long horizontal scene, vertical, etc) so I should have no shortage of ideas at least for a while. Please chime in with comments or topic/scene ideas if anyone has any though. BTW – is anyone else doing a 365 project? I could use some company!