The iPad painting era begins!

As some of you already know last week I finally got an iPad! I wasn’t sure if I’d immediately stop painting on the iPhone or not… But after 6 days it seems pretty clear that I’ll probably never go back (unless I’m in a situation where I have no choice for whatever reason). 

As things went when the 365 project started in a January it appears that I’ll need a few weeks to get my bearings with the differences with painting on the iPad vs. the iPhone so please cut me some slack if my topics, style and skill are all over the place for a bit.  In any case, I’m very excited to now be able to continue exploring the joy of digital painting on a much larger canvas! 

Epic Portrait Fail! (365 2011.03.20)

Why the @#$! did I decide to try portraits!” was last week’s theme.

Man I was regretting going down this path on day 2!… but I figured I may as well try to stay outside my comfort zone sometimes – so I stuck with it. Though I’m not sure hiding eyes behind glasses counts as actually trying very hard. Plus I obviously blurred the lines on a few days since I don’t think Mario and Batman count as actual portraits… but whatever! In any case – I hope Marc and Holly aren’t too incredibly offended by my butchery! Just remember I stuck to 30 minutes or less on all of these (including my own which I am horrified by!).

I do want to spend a week practicing eyes, noses, etc since CLEARLY that is one of my weak (epic failure) areas! Here’s hoping next week is easier and more inside my comfort zone!

ZOMG ROBOTS! (365 2011.03.13)

Last week’s theme: “ZOMG ROBOTS!“.

I definitely had fun doing these guys – plus I don’t think I broke an hour on any of these – so that’s progress on the duration front too. Naturally I wish I could have spent much more time on each one – they all deserved better backgrounds and light bulbs but alas… the clock ticketh. BTW – I know none of these are in the same arena as Pixar’s WALL•E – but if anyone at Pixar wants to chat let me know 🙂 (hey – a guy can dream right?).

Scenes of Boats (365 2011.03.06)

“Scenes of Boats” I guess would be this past week’s theme – the topic idea contributed, once again, by Donnie :). For the record some of these were actually done in ~20 minutes because my week was so hectic/busy! Also – one other note, I semi-cheated on the one from 03/03. I took ~6 colors from an actual sunrise photo I’d taken earlier in the week to avoid having to fish out the colors myself from scratch… I’m a lazy loser – I know!