Speed Photo Painting – Volume I

I tried more “outside my comfort zone” stuff this past week and attempted painting scenes from photos on my iPhone in 30 minutes or less. I stuck to the time limit for the most part which was nice – and the end result was pretty interesting so I’ll definitely try this theme again. It was tricky to come up with a photo with enough contrast and personality to paint each day but I managed to figure out something each day. I’ve put each photo to the left of its corresponding painting for reference.

Odd Scenes of Animals – 2011/04/17

This week I experimented with giving each painting 2-3 days of time. Technically this was my way of spreading out hour+ paintings across multiple days since this week was so busy. I was pretty dry on ideas as well – so giving each painting two or so days allowed me extra time to think of what to actually include in each scene. Once again I realized this week that I need to do some “studies” eventually on painting general objects – from trucks and cars to animals – because I still have to revert to smoke and mirrors to pretend like I know what I’m painting. The dark one is probably my favorite this week – but sadly it really has to be viewed on an iPad to see the colors/contrast properly.

Hopefully I’ll have more ideas next week so I won’t have to cop out like this again!

A Logo and a Legend

One of the first things I had the opportunity to work on at my “new” job (PI) was coming up with a new logo for the company. Since I’m a big fan of logos in general and given the fact that I’ve spent ~7 years of my life working at PI (ignoring the 2 year hiatus that I’m still trying to forget) you can imagine how excited I was about this project. If that weren’t enough, I was teamed up with a big shot marketing consultant (legend) named Howard Rockett. Click here to toggle his bio text – it’s an impressive read!

Howard wasn’t really assigned to the logo work though – his tasks were much higher level – all centered around helping PI zero in on positioning that reflected all the things that make the company great (values, history, uniqueness etc). However – he made himself available to me whenever I wanted to discuss sketches, concepts etc. It was very inspiring – not to mention humbling – to be able to work with him.

Here’s the final result:

Side note – one of the more inspiring moments I had working with Howard was when he finally revealed our new company tag line. He had worked on it (and other things) while I was working on the logo and when the logo and the tag line came together it was a pretty cool moment. Not only did the icon shape look like a person (head, body, arm) but it also resembled building blocks – all contributing to adding visual design to the perfectly worded company tag line: “Building the people who build your success”. He claims the building blocks aspect hadn’t struck him until after he landed on the tag line – but I think he was just being humble!

In any case – it was very cool to be a part of that process… and of course humbling to be able to participate in helping PI come up with a new logo!

Star Wars – Volume I

I was fairly depressed about how last week’s theme came out (coffee cups) – but fortunately this week went much better. I did these all from memory so if you’re a huge Star Wars fanatic my apologies for anything I didn’t get just right!

I’m sure I thought of the topic because Lincoln is very into Lego Star Wars right now. Initially I was planning on just doing space scenes but A.) that felt a bit redundant since I already did a week of spaceships, and B.) it didn’t seem challenging enough since you can hide a lot with a mostly black canvas. I’ll admit a couple of them took some extra time but I think most were under an hour(ish).

I put a “Volume I” on this because there’s plenty of stuff I could do for future weeks…and since I had so much fun with the topic.

The God of Weather

This week’s 365 project is going great (of course after the lame coffee cups from last week anything is a step up!). Anyhow I got inspired while drinking my 8:30pm decaf tonight to do a second painting today… Just for fun :). And instead of holding it for the usual Sunday update I figured I’d post it by itself now fresh off the “easel”.

As for what it means, I’ll let everyone come up with your own conclusions… But for the record there were thunderstorms here tonight!

Coffee Cups – Volume I

There were two reasons behind this week’s theme. 1.) I shopped around and picked up my own personal Keurig Coffee machine for my office – and it is awesome! And 2.) this past Monday I noticed the sunlight hitting a Caribou Coffee cup and table a certain way so I was inspired to capture the palette of that moment. I then, for better or worse, forced out 6 more “coffee cup” scenes for the rest of the week. I put a “Volume I” on the title here since I’m guessing I’ll revisit the coffee theme in some way in the future.

This wasn’t one of my better weeks but whatever – I’m clearly still trying to feel out my style/approach to painting on the iPad so please bear with me as I figure things out!