Mecha Mania – Volume I

Just one painting for this past week… breaking down something like 7 days of ~20 minutes a sitting. I guess this idea came from the fact that Lincoln and I often draw robots when we’re drawing on paper/crayons/markers. I put very little thought into things beforehand (big shock to everyone) so I was just making things up as I went – clearly I have zero grasp of mecha machine engineering/makeup.

Couple related trivia items: 1.) I have long been a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series so I’m sure that was in the back of my mind during this. 2.) I watched Battle of Los Angeles last night and found it eerily similar to this painting’s content (great film btw)!

The Lost Lots-o

Well, this week was a bit frustrating because the first 3 days of painting were lost due to a glitch in the iPad Sketchbook software. I spent Monday – Wednesday working on a painting of Lots-O-Huggins from Toy Story 3 but somehow he got deleted Thursday night! I stuck to the theme regardless of it’s painful reminder of lost time/work and started a new Lots-O painting for the last 4 days of the week.

The reason I picked Lots-O for the theme this week is because I just recently watched Toy Story 3 and am fascinated with that character. It’s beyond embarrassing that I hadn’t seen the movie until now since I claim to be a Pixar fan – so no one tell them please! In this movie the masters as Pixar have, as usual, created yet another amazing combination of a heart-tugging story, brilliant art direction and ridiculously gorgeous 3D graphics – making all of those things look effortless. This movie also had an abnormal amount of heart-tugging in the end … how does a bunch of toys cause grown men to cry!?

Here’s a clip of Lots-O’s story:

Note to self – save backups of painting every night!

Crab and a Praying Mantis I

There are only two paintings from this past week – but I spent seven nights on them so they add up to another week for the 365 project. The first one took 5 days and the second (probably obviously) took only 2. My original intentions for this week were to learn to paint a crab – or at least taking a first stab at it. The praying mantis/beach thing was just something that popped into my head so I went with it. Maybe these guys will come back in a future episode if I can think of a storyline around them… for now here’s their debut appearance!

Odd Scenes by Moonlight

I was running on fumes most of last week so I had to take the “multi-day-per-painting” approach again. I really had no theme but after a three were done I realized they were all moonlight-type scenes so I’ll pretend that was my plan all along :). The deer were a stretch (really tricky for me) but I think they came out at least halfway resembling a mammal in the deer family.

Clouds – Volume I

I started the week out w/out a theme but after seeing a couple interesting clouds Monday/Tuesday I decided I’d try my hand at doing some cloud scenes. All these were based on photos I took with my iPhone but I’m not including those here A.) because it makes these posts take twice as long to create and B.) then you all would be able to see how badly I did at recreating each one :). I don’t think I’ve mastered clouds after six 30 minutes attempts – but I definitely had fun w/them and I certainly have more respect for all those oil painting artists who can make life-like clouds – because it is way harder than it looks!

By the way – half of these photos were taking while driving so I’m sure drivers around me were having a good laugh/steering clear as I swerved the road trying to get a clear shot. Also – trivia note for the locals, the last cloud one (below, right) is looking over the highway while driving down Walnut St from Crossroads (Cary, NC).

I did this one Monday night after a long day at work so I hadn’t come up with a theme for the week yet. So this is the odd one of the bunch and doesn’t belong to the theme!