Abstract I

Yeah I have no idea what this is – so let’s call it “abstract” and pretend I have some deep meaning behind it…

This was, if it isn’t obvious, a week of me layering nonsensical shapes and colors on top of each other. I figured since the week before this was a comfort-zone piece I should probably try something new(er) this week. This exercise did show me some neat new brushes in my paint program that I hadn’t used before, and this was a nice way to avoid having to think of a topic for the week – so this was definitely worth trying out.

WoW: Tauren helping friends

I recently allowed myself to take a look around in the latest version of the World of Warcraft – so no shock that I decided to draw something from the game. I’ve long been a fan of the Tauren race in the game so I chose them as the topic once again. It’s interesting to compare this to the Photoshop Tauren scene I did a few years back. I spent way more time on the Photoshop one – but it’s pretty cool/amazing that I was able to create something similar on my iPad!

Evacuation Stranger and a TV Room

I started this past week with a speedy painting of my upstairs TV room (with my glorious legs in the TV cabinet reflection). Naturally I figured I’d do other ‘real life’ scenes for the rest of the week to stick to a theme … but instead I came up with this strange dude with a mask so I spent the rest of the week on him. For anyone curious about who this guy is – sorry, I have no idea. I made him and the scene up piece by piece each night! I could have spent another few days on him but I figured 5 days was enough so I’m calling it done so I can start over next week.


I spent all se’en days last tides on this single paintin’ – most likely subconsciously inspired by th’ latest Sea dogs o’ th’ Caribbean movie (an’ th’ Lego version on Wii). Lincoln helped me come up wi’ th’ guy in th’ aftground on th’ last tide… tho after we added th’ lad in there he kept askin’ me “be he a good guy or a bad guy?” Arrr… who knows!?

(Pirate-speak brought to you by http://goo.gl/S03bV).