Evacuation IV

I actually wanted to do a nice, calm scene of a cathedral this week – basically the same perspective/layout of what I ended up with. But after day one I got sucked into making it a continuation of the Evacuation series … so once again we have space robots in some end of the world scene. The twist to this specific apocalyptic scene is that one of the robots discovers music (piano)… after helping destroy the city of course.

Will next week be Evacuation V or something new? Or maybe 7 separate quick paintings?… Who knows! (Wouldn’t it be ironic if the world ended from an alien robot invasion before next Sunday?!)

Evacuation III

I wimped out once again and did a week on one painting (vs. one a day) – I guess I just dig this for now. Hopefully I don’t get lynched by some over-zealous 365 project cult who is violently insistent on participants doing one thing per day for one “thing” involving 7-days-of-effort per week.

Anyhow – this is of course another scene from the “Evacuation” series that I just make up as I go. Alien invasion is much more entertaining/non-frightening than global economic collapse and anarchy… so I went with that. I wanted to add some military force in this one but I lacked the time (and skill) to pull that off so for now it’s just one cop against the invading alien horde. Although I suppose it could be Bruce Willis …

Here are the previous two in the series for reference:

  • Evacuation II
  • Evacuation I
  • Mouse Balloon Ride in Italy

    I’m not an expert in Italy, mice or hot air balloons but that didn’t stop me from spending 7 days on a scene covering all three! The first two days of this was pure line drawing – and it wasn’t until ~Thursday where I got the guts to delete the lines and rely strictly on colors to define the scene. I should have saved the lines for reference but sadly I didn’t. This piece also was a painful reminder that I suck at realistic rock and water – so I’ll try to work on that in the future.

    It’s nowhere near what I’d like it to be – this past week was pretty hard to get a good solid chunk of time in each day – but as usual I’m calling it done and moving on to something new tomorrow. It was fun doing though and the kids had a good laugh when they peeked at it during the week.

    Evacuation II

    I was starting to wonder if I would actually ever do a part II of any of the “series” I’ve started so far. Here’s one down!

    This started out a landscape with no known destination point – so naturally around the 3rd day I decided a giant looming robot was the way to go.

    I’ve really got to start doing one-per-day again … I miss having a crop at the end of the week – but I have to say the one-per-week thing is definitely easier (not to mention self gratifying since I can put in way more detail).

    iOS Dev Program!

    Just a quick post to celebrate my finally getting approved to be in the Apple iOS Developer Program today (iOS = iPad/iPhone). Technically anyone who pays Apple $99 (annually) can get in, but they took over two months to approve my application so I was starting to get worried towards the end there!

    I have had access to the Apple Dev program stuff for a while now through work – but in order to (attempt to) achieve my new year’s resolution #2 I needed an account of my own.

    As excited as I am I do have to say that I’m very surprised at how painful Apple has made the app “building” process. In order to even get to the point where you’re able to start building stuff you have to wade through hours of teeth-gnashing frustration sorting out developer certificates, App IDs, Device IDs, provision profiles, distribution profiles and more (and then repeat entire process if you want to use a 2nd machine!). I love Apple but seriously!!

    In an case… Yaye!