Space Adventures I

Just one painting this week – I needed something easier this week. 🙂 Lincoln picked the initial topic (spaceship) – but not sure he was expecting the addition of the octopus aliens. I tried a few times to get bubbling/wavy water but never came up with something I liked so it’s a bit weak on the accuracy of the physics – but you get the jist!

This seems like a worthy topic for another series so this will be the kick off for “Space Adventures” (i.e. weird scenes I make up that are set in space).

Still Lifes 2011/08

Last week I decided I would try to do a ~15-30 minute still life each day – but as is often the case I was pretty short on time (and creative energy) so I only managed to get 5 done. The two days not shown here involved still lifes that were just not worthy of the record books (it’s harder than you think to come up with a halfway interesting still life scene every day!). I really had fun with the first two – the others not so much.

Trivia: all of these except one came from scenes at my house.

Next week I may allow myself to do another 7-days-on-one-painting as a reward for this week 🙂 …


A few weeks ago I was invited to submit 2-3 of my iPad paintings to be displayed with other artists’ work in Autodesk’s booth at SIGGRAPH 2011. I was of course very humbled and excited to just send in the submission. Anyhow, a couple days ago one of the nice folks at Autodesk contacted me to let me know my paintings were indeed included and were on display at the show and on their website as well ( mine are in the first 6 or so in the Sketchbook section).

To be clear, the artists and geniuses featured at SIGGRAPH are leagues beyond me and my silly paintings can’t hold a candle up to most everyone else’s work there… But it still is fun to have been involved! I would have loved to go to the actual event in person but… I don’t get out much these days – plus this year it was in Vancouver.

Anyhow – thanks Autodesk for the invitation and gallery inclusion!

Here’s a screenshot to capture my moment of mingling with real talent in case they ever take the page down:

A Bug’s Strife

Here’s another left field one – no idea where this came from. The kids watched bits of “A Bug’s Life” for the first time this past week so maybe this was a subconscious thing. This is a fairly dark scene (brightness-wise) so it doesn’t translate perfectly to a computer screen (compared to the gloriously crisp and bright iPad) – but hopefully you can get the jist of it!