Polar Bears and Penguins I

Ok so I’ve done a dozen or so paintings with polar bears and penguins but I’m calling this the 1st in the series … mainly because the alternative is to come up with a name for what’s happening in this scene – and I have no idea what that would be! This painting took me a couple weeks (again) – once again due to being pretty busy w/work and family stuff – but also because I’m still getting the hang of painting w/this “new” app (procreate). Also, my main gripe about this one is that it came out way too pastel once it left the iPad – it was not so saturated on the iPad itself – but whateva.

FYI – I think I will soon hunker down and start using my daily painting time to begin working on this year’s Christmas card – so if  I don’t post for a while that may be why.

Underwater Adventures I

This took me 2 weeks to put together – but a large reason for the long time investment is just the fact that it’s getting harder to sneak in that 15-30 minutes a night. I hope to keep things to 1 week max though.
I think I’ve done an underwater scene or two already (one, two) so I figured I should start a series for it. I used a giant squid in the “Space Adventures” series as well … no doubt due to my fascination with those creatures – every few months I spend an hour or so on YouTube watching videos of research on the hunt for the “giant squid“. This is the first real painting from that new iPad app I started playing with a few weeks ago (procreate) – so the full size is a whopping 1920×1408. My last painting was done with the same app but for some reason I don’t feel like my landscapes are “real” paintings.