The Super Mario Alphabet!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks. Here’s the reason I’ve been away … introducing the Mario Alphabet!

A few weeks ago I was reminded that Lincoln isn’t very good with lower case letters yet … and the thought popped into my head “I wonder if you could find a Mario character for every letter in the alphabet? … because if so, would there be a cooler/more fun way to learn the alphabet?!“.  Sure enough after checking online, I found there were more than enough Mario characters to do it (you could actually do over 5 alphabets and never repeat a character!).  After confirming it was possible I of course could have simple gone to Google images or other places to round up existing artwork and just copied/pasted them all into Photoshop … but then the artwork styles would have been inconsistent and worse the image quality would have been very poor for some of the less famous characters who only have teeny tiny thumbnails on the internet. So I decided to draw them all by hand on my iPad (~2 letters a day, 2 characters per letter). It took way longer than I had planned but it was a blast to do!

Please Note: In case it’s not obvious – I did not freehand draw any of these guys! I only traced and (lovingly) painted each one using whatever images I could find from the net. So I take very little credit for this project. The true brilliance here of course comes from Nintendo. Over the past few decades they have created a staggeringly long list of wonderful characters (each one with a great personality/story).  So here’s to Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto and the cast of talented artists/character designers who have built such an entertaining/creative body of work over the years that has and will continue to entertain kids and adults for years to come.

may or may not do something w/the Zelda franchise once I recover from this – but this year’s Christmas card has to be my next project!

Want to print?

If you print this out you are super awesome. Take a photo of where/how you put it up and post a comment! 🙂

–> Horizontal Version (~80″ x 4.5″)

–> Square Version (~26″ x 19″)

Individual Cards Images

[miniflickr photoset_id=72157628096510710&sortby=date-posted-asc&per_page=50]

Reference: Photo set on Flickr

17 thoughts on “The Super Mario Alphabet!

    • Dont know if you still get messages from here. Hope so.
      Wow! Thank you Chris,for the time you spent making this. I just came online to begin creating the exact same idea. You have done all the work! Awesome! I have a young friend who lives in Mario world. These will be very helpful.

  1. I love the Super Mario Alphabet. My son is 5 and loves the characters so it is great to find someone who made something educational who is more artistic than I! Thank you!

    • Wow – I’m flattered! Hope it goes well! Please do post a photo if you actually go for it! I have a creeping suspicion the artwork may not be large/hi-res enough to be blown up huge – but even at a smaller size it would be awesome to see on a wall! 🙂

  2. grr…doing something wrong, cannot figure how to print these…I am a MORON! and, trust me when I say that I truly want to put this up in my kid’s room PRONTO- he’s learning the alphabet and thankfully has an obsession with Mario and not some crazy Nicktoon! little help maybe??

    • @Jennie … not your fault! The files I posted weren’t really “ready to print” I suppose. I’ve put the whole lot of *individual* files on They contain 2 letters per graphic so maybe you could use those and lay them out however you need to to print them?

      Here’s the folder link:
      PS: You should probably grab the ZIP in there so you don’t have to download all files separately

      Please share photo if you manage to figure it out! 🙂

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