Fantasy Scenes I

It’s been a while since my last painting – but I’ve been busy with app stuff… sadly I can’t do both. This was a 2-day thing that as usual I’ll put a disclaimer on that it’s a very basic painting that appears to be more than it is by using shadows/darkness. So don’t be fooled!

I don’t think i have a “series” title for this kind of things yet so I guess I’ll call it “Fantasy Scenes”. I’m sure this is my subconcious indicating it’s missing my beloved World of Warcraft – but like apps and painting … sadly there’s not enough time to do everything.

PocketSwatch Full Version Now Available!

Just a quick FYI – I’m excited to announce that the full version of PocketSwatch is now available on the App Store (official link)!

As I mentioned in the previous post, the full version will cost a few bucks and is only intended for people who will actually use it in the real world – everyone else can try the free version to get the jist. That said, if any of my friends/family want to try the full version, please send me an email and I’ll send you a promo code to get it free.

It’s probably no shock to most of you that I’m already working an updated version with some neat new features so it looks like I won’t be getting a break from this app just yet. I hope to push the new version out ASAP – I’ll post details about that here when it’s ready.