iPhone 5: Painting 1

After seeing how fast the iPhone 5 is, I couldn’t resist doing a quick painting with Sketchbook mobile today while watching Tangled with Corgan. The iPad still wins out with biggest/best screen to paint on – but the speed and fluidity of painting on the iPhone 5 is definitely a more enjoyable experience.

As always please pardon my sad attempt at human and animal figure drawing!

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Wallpaper

A few days ago I read the announcment that a new Metal Gear Solid game is in development. Naturally I immediately did a Google images search to change my desktop’s wallpaper image. Since there weren’t any great wallpapers available at the time I booted up Photoshop and whipped up a temporary one myself (using the screenshot from the game below). It’s nothing special but feel free to grab if you’re a MGS fan and a desktop wallpaper nerd like me!

Original Screenshot

(For any lurking lawyers/etc… this is a super unnofficial, unlicensed, unapproval fan-based piece of artwork. All rights to Konami, Kojima Productions, etc!)