Want a Dribbble Invite for Christmas?

Around this time last year I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to Dribbble.com from a kind designer named Dennis. For anyone who isn’t familiar with what Dribbble is it’s is a show and tell community where designers and developers share screenshots of designs and applications they are working on. It is also invite only, and scoring an invitation is extremely competitive.

Anyhow after being a Dribbble member for about a year I’ve now received an invitation that I can giveaway to someone else! So to anyone out there who is interested in being considered just follow these instructions:

  1. Leave a comment below, including your Dribbble prospect profile URL and a brief comment showing your interest.
  2. Email a link to your best work and/or something whipped up just for this giveaway to chris.emerson.com+dribbble AT gmail DOT com
  3. Retweet this post.

There are so many super-talented people on Dribbble and I am constantly humbled and honored to share web space with them.

Best of luck to anyone who throws their name into the hat! I’ll leave the giveaway open until mid-January or until there are ~20 requests. Good luck everyone!

TC 2012

Back in 2011 I thought I would start creating quarterly (?) posts that contained a list of the coolest, most-interesting stuff I’d come across in the past few months as a sort of time capsule reference. But since my last (and only) time capsule post was in 2011 I guess this might turn into a yearly thing! In any case … here is my list of some of my favorite things I discovered and enjoyed in 2011:

Time Capsule 20110905

  1. #fitness#health#adventure
      Doing workouts over my lunch break:
      p90x2This was an awesome suggestion Holly had early in the year and has been a huge boost to my dedication/motivation with fitness. It also freed up more of my evenings to do other stuff!

      Shakeology (link):
      shakeology1-258x300I’m on bag 3 (or 4) of this stuff – which means I’ve been drinking it for my breakfast for 5+ months now. It is no doubt the healthiest meal of my day and aside from the manufacturer fussing a tad w/the flavor I still love it and look forward to it every day.

      Bear Grylls (link):
      bearThis dude is my new hero. Firstly I know there is some controversy about him being a fake, or not hardcore enough – but after watching 4 of the 7 seasons of his “Man vs. Wild” show on the Discovery channel and reading about his climb of Mt. Everest at age 23 I have no doubt at all that he is the real deal and a true stand up guy. And honestly after watching some of the other survival shows, I have to say Bear’s has the best mix of education, adventure and entertainment. Love you, Bear!
  2. #technology#development#code
      Sublime Text 2 (link):
      sublimeI’ve always thought people who geeked out about their favorite code editors were a bit odd … but I now have to join that club because this app truly does make code editing fun and I am super ga-ga over it. Too many cool things about it to mention but here’s a good starting point if you’re curious.

      Chrome DevTools Autosave (link):
      This thing blew my mind. Chrome’s Developer tools are already great out of the box but with this addon/setup things you tinker with can be saved in real-time which, once you get hang of it, can start saving a ton of dev time! Definitely one of top favorite things I found/started using this year.

      Github Gists (link):
      githubI’m still fairly new to Github but I discovered Github “Gists” earlier this year and can now say I have finally found the best (IMHO) place to store, manage, share and discover code snippets. I’ve already got 20 some snippets of my own the integration with Sublime Text 2 is insanely awesome. Oh and it’s free.

      Alfred App (link):
      This is a relatively new thing on my list but so far I really like using it … just another way to use the mouse a bit less which is always good!

      Online/social code editors:
      Sites like jsbin and jsfiddle are super cool and have often come in quite handy!

      Dirtymarkup.com (link):
      I know there are other tools out there like this but in a pinch this site is great for html, js or css optimization/error checking.
  3. #design#art
      Bert Monroy (link):
      bertWhat Bert Monroy can do with Photoshop simply blows my mind… and makes me never want to paint a digital pixel again!

      Emily Winfield (link 1, link 2):
      emilyEmily is also a pretty recent addition to my list but after seeing her paintings and other work I was an instant fan.

Christmas: 2012

Season’s greetings everyone!

Click the card to visit the official card site to see details and sketches for this year’s card!