Dark Souls (PC)

Please pardon the geeky, gamer note here but I just had to post something for the record books to commemorate my finally finishing the PC game Dark Souls last night.

The game was refreshingly difficult to beat, set in a beautifully-imagined (bleak) world and took a looooong time to beat (probably over 60 hours over course of a year and a half). This game will definitely go down in my top 5 or 10 games of all time. I do wish I had started it on the Xbox or PS3 because couch gaming is always better than PC/desk gaming IMHO – but it was still a great ride and I was able to use my Xbox controller on Windows 7 thankfully.

Check out some of my screenshots here – the quality of the graphics aren’t amazing maybe to modern day standards – but the design of the game world was so well done that with some of the modifications people have made for the game it looked just as good as any cutting-edge graphics game today (IMHO).

Special thanks to FROM SOFTWARE and Hidetaka Miyazaki for creating such an unconventional, non-mainstream masterpiece. It was a great escape and adventure and I can’t wait for the sequel!

Christmas Card 2013

This year’s Christmas cards shipped out a couple days ago so I guess it’s safe to send out a link to the digital version now.  I changed my mind on where to host them so they’re back at a (slightly updated) standalone website now. Head over to this site for card notes, related artwork and the time lapse video: http://cards.chris-emerson.com.

As always if you get a paper version feel free to wait for that before checking out the online version – and for those who don’t get a paper version please know it’s only because I either forgot or just ran out of time or materials!