Robot and Potted Plant

Here’s another sketch-to-iPad painting I finished today. Somehow I lost the pencil sketch so I can’t include that here for reference – just imagine this drawing w/out color pretty much.

This scene was just one of those “drawing at the end of the day” type situations where I’m drawing with the kids and I just start drawing whatever comes to mind – so no deep meaning in this one.

I tried a couple times to get the nerve to drop the black lines and force myself to paint it enough to stand on it’s own w/out lines – but I opted (as usual) to take the fast/easy route to crank this out and move on.

Deep Thoughts

I’ve been trying to get out a new iPad painting for a while but no great ideas or inspiration have hit me lately. But for whatever reason this idea popped in my head the other day so I figured I’d get it out of my system. It’s more of a glorified doodle than an iPad “painting” but I’m going to categorize it as the latter so I don’t feel so unproductive lately.

There is  no lofty, insightful meaning behind this btw … it’s just a glimpse of a typical day for my brain. Honestly I don’t know how I haven’t gone insane yet… the world is just so @#$%! up and there are far too  many things adults are all supposed to deal with, figure out or be perfect at.

Sorry to be a downer though! Go watch a  Hayao Miyazaki movie – that will make you feel better for a couple hours 🙂

Hayao Miyazaki Films


I recently watched the animated film “The Wind Rises” and loved it. I hadn’t watched an “animated film” in quite a while (outside the seemingly lifeless, in comparison, mainstream stuff from Disney, Dreamworks etc) but there was something different and magical about that film.

Spirited-AwayShortly afterwards I discovered that “The Wind Rises” was a creation of the great Japanese animator/director Hayao Miyazaki who also did the movie “Spirited Away” back in 2001 which I meant to watch but never did. I watched Spirited Away over the next couple days and loved that film even more!

This Hayao Miyazaki fellow is quite a guy. He’s an acclaimed illustrator, animator, writer, director and more! I can’t put my finger on what makes these films so fascinating and irresistible to me yet – but one thing that is apparent is that they are so refreshingly original, creative and emotional – 3 things usually lacking in American animated films (outside some from Pixar … OMG why did they make Cars 2 and Planes?!). Miyazaki’s films are also all hand drawn as far as I know – yet they pack a far more powerful punch than most any 3D animated film I’ve ever seen. 

Naturally I am embarrassed that I haven’t seen any of Hayao’s films until now … but needless to say I will be devouring all of his films as quickly as I can now! The only problem is that it takes me a day or three to watch a full movie since my free time is usually so sparse/intermittent! I’ve already started watching Ponyo and am loving that as well …