DIY Projector Ceiling Mount

I am not a handyman … by ANY stretch. But after almost a year of having my projector sitting on a tupperware container in the attic with it’s wires unattractively strewn across the attic ceiling I finally had enough and I attempted to build my own ceiling mount.

The general concept and motivation behind my “design” came from the various DIY web articles I found where guys with actual handyman skills had created their own ceiling mounts. However the problem was that my ceiling mount situation was unlike any of the ones in those articles … so my “design” came out fairly unique.

Before starting I accepted the fact that the odds were pretty high that chance that I would fail miserably and the only thing I’d have to show for my effort would be a few receipts from Lowe’s Hardware. Honestly I wasn’t sure right up till the end if it would work – but for now it seems to be so I’m enjoying the moment. I suppose there’s a chance it will come crashing down one day – but let’s hope not!

The end result definitely doesn’t look like something you’d buy in a store. One of my friends said it looks like something out of a horror movie – and I guess that’s not far off. Thankfully it’s pretty high up and the attic is normally dark so hopefully it doesn’t give anyone nightmares. 

Anyhow – here are the photos proving that once upon a time I attempted a handyman project and, at least for now, it appears to have worked out!  PS: If anyone reading this has handyman or general engineering skills please do chime in on whether I should patent this thing or wear a hard hat when walking under it!


Bear Catches Fish

Man I go from nothing for months to 4 posts within 2 weeks?! Anyhow – here’s another sketch-to-iPad painting that had been sitting around for a while that I’m calling done today. Fortunately I didn’t lose the original this time so here’s the starting point sketch.

 The final painted version lost some of the charm of the original sketch I think – but who doesn’t like a sunset by a pond right? I attempted to include the decorative illustration framing in the iPad version but it just didn’t look right so I tossed it. Also for the record this one ended up too dark on computer screens so I had to fuss w/the color in Photoshop so the gradients and color is a bit messy.

PS: This is not that Little Bear character on Nickelodeon … the character voices on that show creep me out!