AF: Few Men Are Willing

This kind of thing isn’t my specialty but I wanted to create something w/the faces of all our guys from the recent TPUSA Q&A sessions and I didn’t have time to illustrate each of them so I went w/a more traditional poster/banner graphic approach. I don’t love it but it got the point across hopefully – and most importantly got our guys faces up there. The RFK quote, I think, is pretty fitting. PS: My apologies if I missed any of the guys in this – these should be all ones from the past 3 TPUSA Q&A sessions (linked below)

Here’s a shot of just the guys faces (slightly de-saturated) for reference. Click to download/view hi-res version:

TPUSA Q&A Sessions

Round #1 (still looking for clips)

Round #2

Round #3

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