Video Timestamp Jumper

A month or so ago I got the idea in my head to make a browser extension that let you jump to specific sections (timestamps) of long videos. Idea was initially for BitChute (since BitChute still doesn’t have this capability built-in like YouTube) or other sites like the new video archive at – but I just made it generic so it could work on YT, DLIVE, Vimeo and most any other web page with a single video. It’s a pretty niche idea/tool but I think it’s pretty cool/handy and that’s all that matters to me.

It took a few rounds with Google Chrome review team but I finally got it approved and published. I will likely make tweaks to it over time to address bugs or expand the functionality in any worthwhile /reasonable ways. Use the link below to check it out if you want. BTW remember that all Chrome browser extensions work on other (safer) browser like “Brave” (my current fav), “Dissenter” – avoid Chrome if you can since Google is pretty evil and their “Chrome” browser tracks and uses our data inappropriately.

Chrome Webstore: Video Timestamp Jumper

Also FYI there is a simple Facebook page for the extension too if anyone wants to post questions or ideas.


PS: Yeah I know Stefan is kind of cringe now but I wanted to include at least some kind of red-pill type topic in my screenshot for multiple reasons but had to pick something not too extreme otherwise I’m sure the communists on the Google review team would have rejected the extension.

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