Video Timestamp Jumper

A month or so ago I got the idea in my head to make a browser extension that let you jump to specific sections (timestamps) of long videos. Idea was initially for BitChute (since BitChute still doesn’t have this capability built-in like YouTube) or other sites like the new video archive at – but I just made it generic so it could work on YT, DLIVE, Vimeo and most any other web page with a single video. It’s a pretty niche idea/tool but I think it’s pretty cool/handy and that’s all that matters to me.

It took a few rounds with Google Chrome review team but I finally got it approved and published. I will likely make tweaks to it over time to address bugs or expand the functionality in any worthwhile /reasonable ways. Use the link below to check it out if you want. BTW remember that all Chrome browser extensions work on other (safer) browser like “Brave” (my current fav), “Dissenter” – avoid Chrome if you can since Google is pretty evil and their “Chrome” browser tracks and uses our data inappropriately.

Chrome Webstore: Video Timestamp Jumper

Also FYI there is a simple Facebook page for the extension too if anyone wants to post questions or ideas.


PS: Yeah I know Stefan is kind of cringe now but I wanted to include at least some kind of red-pill type topic in my screenshot for multiple reasons but had to pick something not too extreme otherwise I’m sure the communists on the Google review team would have rejected the extension.

America First is Inevitable!

A friend of mine posted the below image the other day and it inspired me to attempt the above illustration:

BTW while he and I both have a soft spot for Alex Jones we both agreed he wasn’t ideal optics for an illustration so I swapped him out for Buchanan who is even better in other ways. Anyhow … image speaks for itself mostly I’m sure but I attached some videos below for more detail/context.

Banner Version

I made this low-res by accident which sucks but it looks ok as a header space/etc.


Abortion in America

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My attempt to capture just some of the madness, pandemonium and conspiracies around the Coronavirus.

Prints available here for anyone interested.

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Few links behind some the elements in the image:

See more links in Twitter moment here.

Enoch Powell

Enoch Powell 🇬🇧
‪1912 – 1998



Reference Videos, Articles and Quotes

‪“Some problems are unavoidable. Some evils can be coped with to a certain extent, but not prevented. But that a nation should have saddled itself, without necessity and without countervailing benefit, with a wholly avoidable problem of immense dimensions is enough to make one weep. That the same nation should stubbornly persist in allowing the problem, great as it already is, to be magnified further, is enough to drive one to despair.”‬

‪- Enoch Powell ‬

‪Breitbart: 50 Years On, It’s Clear to Me That Enoch Was Right‬
‪ @BreitbartNews ‬

‪Raheem Kassam: “Enoch Was Right: Rivers of Blood”‬
‪Discussion: @RaheemKassam‬

‪VDare: Raheem Kassam Vindicates Enoch Powell @vdare ‬
‪ ‬

‪Iconoclast: Enoch Powell vs the Establishment 50th Anniversary‬

‪Rebel News: Enoch Powell Was So Right He Was Wrong ‬
‪@RebelNewsOnline @jackbuckby ‬

‪Paul Weston: Enoch Powell was Absolutely Right‬
‪ ‬

‪Nigel Farage on Enoch Powell ‬
‪ @Nigel_Farage‬

‪‪Video: The Funeral Pyre (Author Unknown)‬

‪‪BBC Documentary: Rivers of Blood ‬

‪Margaret Thatcher: “There will never be anybody else so compelling as Enoch Powell. He was magnetic. Listening to his speeches was an unforgettable privilege. He was one of those rare people who made a difference and whose moral compass led us in the right direction.”‬

‬Tony Blair: “However controversial, he was one of the great figures of 20th-century British politics, gifted with a brilliant mind. There was no doubting the strength of his convictions or their sincerity, or his tenacity in pursuing them, regardless of his own self-interest.”‬

Douglas Murray: “If you look back at all of the post war decades, all of the people that your society and mine shut down as prophets of doom turned out to have vastly understated the case … and that is a very big problem.” ‬
‪@DouglasKMurray ‬

‪Enoch Powell Video Archive @bitchute‬
‪ ‬

‪American Renaissance: Enoch Powell Archives‬
‪ #AmRen ‬

‪Biography Online: Enoch Powell‬
‪ ‬

Enoch Powell Speeches, Works and Info: ‬
‪ ‬

Land of the Free?

Inspired by recent (but common for years now) instances of censorship, demonetization, deplatforming and financial terrorism being inflicted on people *IN AMERICA* for simply speaking the truth or asking valid questions. Few example links at bottom of this post.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

President Ronald Reagan

Time Lapse Video

(11m version)



Small sampling of (recent) examples of censorship, etc.