Odd Scenes of Animals III

The year is starting off a bit off-schedule w/the painting but I am working on a few paintings this month. Maybe I’ll just post a couple a month – to give myself some breathing room. I should have one more done by the end of the month. In any case – here’s another weird one for the “Odd Scenes” series.

For the trivia books, this one was partially inspired by my recent discovery of Bert Monroy – one of the best digital painters I’ve ever come across and one of the pioneers of Photoshop (he wrote the first book on Photoshop!). I would love to own a poster or two of his work but sadly he only sells them directly for $250 (and up) so I’ll have to wait till I have some spare cash to burn. Anyhow, one of the things Bert excels at is making life-like scenes – particularly with still life scenes, shadows, reflections etc. I am not great at those things but I tried a few new things in this piece after checking out Bert’s work. If you consider yourself a fan of art/painting you should definitely check out his stuff!…

Odd Scenes of Animals III

Here are the final two entries for my 2011 365 project. They’re both a bit weak imho but I was running low on free time/brain power these last couple weeks of the year.

The weird pink donut thing was my initial idea for my Dribbble invite contest entry. I ended up going vector for that (here) but I figured I’d finish it (ish) and save it for old time’s sake.

For anyone interested, here’s a link to all the paintings from 2011:

I still don’t know what kind of painting I’ll be doing in 2012 yet – but I guess we’ll see in a week or two…