On His Back

From a recurring topic/semi-joke from the show. Handful of people were very salty about this graphic for various reasons – but these graphics are mostly for America First supporters anyway.



Fake News

Imagine if these people and their organizations ever had to pay for all the damage they’ve caused to America.








The Anti-White, Anarcho-Tyrannical state of America

What a sad state of affairs our country is in.

Square Format


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Law and Order

Who else is enjoying #LawAndOrder in End Stage America?

Update: I just had to say it’s ironic that I’ve been getting cranky messages from both pro-Trump and anti-Trump people on this one. Funny that you’d think in the middle of our country literally burning down there could be some shared, middle ground on, oh I don’t know, us NOT wanting our country to burn down? Whatever though … I draw these for documentation’s sake and my own sanity not for people’s approval.


Just a few related videos/threads:


America First is Inevitable!

A friend of mine posted the below image the other day and it inspired me to attempt the above illustration:

BTW while he and I both have a soft spot for Alex Jones we both agreed he wasn’t ideal optics for an illustration so I swapped him out for Buchanan who is even better in other ways. Anyhow … image speaks for itself mostly I’m sure but I attached some videos below for more detail/context.

Banner Version

I made this low-res by accident which sucks but it looks ok as a Twitter.com header space/etc.


Abortion in America

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My attempt to capture just some of the madness, pandemonium and conspiracies around the Coronavirus.

Prints available here for anyone interested.

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Enoch Powell

Enoch Powell 🇬🇧
‪1912 – 1998



Reference Videos, Articles and Quotes

‪“Some problems are unavoidable. Some evils can be coped with to a certain extent, but not prevented. But that a nation should have saddled itself, without necessity and without countervailing benefit, with a wholly avoidable problem of immense dimensions is enough to make one weep. That the same nation should stubbornly persist in allowing the problem, great as it already is, to be magnified further, is enough to drive one to despair.”‬

‪- Enoch Powell ‬

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‪Margaret Thatcher: “There will never be anybody else so compelling as Enoch Powell. He was magnetic. Listening to his speeches was an unforgettable privilege. He was one of those rare people who made a difference and whose moral compass led us in the right direction.”‬

‬Tony Blair: “However controversial, he was one of the great figures of 20th-century British politics, gifted with a brilliant mind. There was no doubting the strength of his convictions or their sincerity, or his tenacity in pursuing them, regardless of his own self-interest.”‬

Douglas Murray: “If you look back at all of the post war decades, all of the people that your society and mine shut down as prophets of doom turned out to have vastly understated the case … and that is a very big problem.” ‬
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