Douglas and Irene

Here is another iPad painting idea I wanted to try of my late grandparents: Douglas and Irene. I originally was just going to try creating a painting of Douglas on the bench by himself but as things went along I threw in a cat, then *attempted my best* at including Irene (rough photos to work from) and then threw in a second cat. Everyone who knew them will hopefully appreciate the cats because there were always a healthy gang of them living there (under the house in “Cat’s Below”) or in the nearby woods. I think the top cat’s name was “See More” (?) and the one under the bench was the infamous “Beast” ( or “Beasty” as Douglas like to call him). I also threw in a 99th Infantry lapel pin on Douglas which I’m sure he would never wear but his being in – and surviving – WWII’s Battle of the Bulge is something I’ll always find fascinating/inspiring. Also I don’t think it came out great but I love Irene’s kitten sweater.

I have plenty of artistic perfectionist gripes about things here I wish came out better but I am happy about the overall final product because it reminds me of them. I will hopefully find a way to print and frame this one in my house. By the way for anyone curious the high res file – you can see by clicking the main painting above – should print well up to 24″x16″.

For the record, I’m still on the fence on how respectable this approach of using a photo for trace outlines and color selection is – but as with my previous uses of this technique I was/am more interested in the final product than how noble the artistic origins of the project were.

See below for a time lapse video and some reference/related photos. My thanks again to Brian, Melissa, my Mom and others for helping me find some good reference photos.

Time Lapse Video

Reference Photos

Related Photos