Saint Nick

Clearly I’ve been on a kick w/this kind of thing lately … no doubt coming from some combination of inspiration, OCD and whatever red/white/black pills I’ve recently consumed. Anyhow, this past week Nick (who’s a Catholic) had a fair number of pagans or atheists send messages to the show and his responses, as usual, were as hilarious as they were spot on. At some point he joked about how he was “fending of the pagan hordes” and that’s the comment that I couldn’t get out of my head and led to this illustration.


Original (for print)

Prints at 41″ x 58″!

Feel free to print for yourself but please don’t charge/sell for (unless you’re NJF).


Here’s Nick talking about pagans:


Heroes of the Day

This one may seem a bit out of left field but a week or so ago I got an itch to put up a wall of people I consider heroes in my time along with links to their various social network links, podcasts, videos etc. I may or may not expand the list in the future as time permits but I’m going ahead and publishing it now with the first 9 people otherwise I would never release it. I’m sure none of the people on this list will ever know about this site and honestly no one else besides me may even know the page exists … but that’s enough for me. The site should generally work ok on PC, tablet or phone but there may be quirks I have to iron out over time.

Feel free to chime in if you have suggestions on people I might add, violent reactions you have to anyone on this current list etc. Here’s the link:

Sample Screenshot

Update 2020

I know I know… a lot has changed since 2016 when I made this. Let’s just say there are only a couple here who haven’t let me down in some way. I guess that’s life – but I’ll leave this up as a reminder/time-capsule type thing.

Donald J. Trump

Thoughts on Trump

Why would a billionaire take an extended leave from his very comfortable life and empire of successful businesses to run for the US presidency? Ego? Rich man’s guilt? Some other conspiracy?  And which of these or other reasons would make it remotely worth his while to go from being a world-renown businessman and celebrity to being thrashed in the news every other week being called idiot, a bigot, a joke … even a Hitler? Continue reading

Valiant Hearts

I shared my fondness of this game a few months ago but after finally finishing it this morning I had to mention it one more time. The game was simply a masterpiece on all fronts. The history was fascinating, the gameplay was fun, the puzzles had just the right level of difficulty, the story-telling never got old, the artwork was impossible to not drool over and the music was always perfect and often touching. From start to finish you could feel the developer’s respect for the history and the many “extra miles” I no doubt know they invested making this game.

Sincere thank you to everyone at Ubisoft Montpellier and whoever else played a role in making this game – bravo to you all.

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