Election 2020 Crime Scene

Another same-day semi-rushed one. Print options here.

Square version (for Instagram)

InfoWars Used this Graphic!

Friend told me the other day that he saw my graphic in an InfoWars commercial – very cool! Sadly they didn’t request permission or give any credit but still pretty epic. Here’s a screenshot and video for reference:



Election 2020 Crime Scene Reference


Count All LEGAL Votes

Rushed this one out so it’s a bit rougher than normal..


On His Back

From a recurring topic/semi-joke from the show. Handful of people were very salty about this graphic for various reasons – but these graphics are mostly for America First supporters anyway.



AF: America First is Rising!



Sargon of Akkad included mention of this poster in a recent video on this general topic. Note he is a liberal-leaning Brit so his take is way off (IMHO) but still funny/surreal to hear his take and his labeling my poster “fascist”:


If not obvious, this illustration was a modern reproduction/variation on this cool old WWII poster:

AF: Politicon 2019

Turning Point USA was too scared of Nicholas J Fuentes attending a debate (for which he had a paid ticket) so they accosted him with police outside the event and prevented him from going in. Ask yourself why would they do this? See below for video summarizing.

Why would they do this?


Original (Quick) Sketch:

Photo from the incident:

Joker Scene

Like many other people I found “that scene” from the recent Joker (2019) movie so intense and awesome so I wanted to recreate it somehow. I ended up trying to lay it out like a comic book and tried to do it in a way that felt like the classic “Arkham Asylum” Batman graphic novel. I’m not sure how successful I was in the latter (I have zero experience creating comic books) but I am happy w/the final version in any case. I was torn on putting in any modern-day/non-movie elements but in the end I couldn’t resist fill the top center window frame with some of the evil icons of our “society” as well as an America First ad on the top right television set. Oh yeah and (belated) semi-spoiler warning if you haven’t seen the movie yet (but if you haven’t seen the movie yet – +1 week after opening – I don’t feel bad).

Why the hysteria about the Joker movie?

Few clips I pulled together that sum up the hype/hysteria (and reason for it):

Time Lapse Videos

(13 minute version)

Movie Trailer


Movie frame reference:

Initial photo Layout:

Final version w/out swear word bleeped out: